Sampada, Udupi

We work for the social, economic, ecological and educational development of the poor and marginalized families in the Udupi District.
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About Us


Sampada works towards the upliftment and development of the society and its people in the District of Udupi, Karnataka.

The Diocese of Udupi was erected on 16th July 2012. Soon after the erection of the Diocese a Socio- Economic survey of the Household of the Diocese of Udupi was conducted under the leadership of Bishop to study the demographic socio-economic condition of the families in the Diocese. During the Diocesan survey, it was found that a good number of families are economically poor and struggling to meet both ends. Women in the age group of 21 to 75 have not been in any organization. As the women play an important role in the family, it was thought of uniting the women, through them to have happy, healthy and value- based families. Most marginalized women, children and youth to be facilitated and trained to live with dignity, claim legitimate rights, and entitlements. In order to implement this mission SAMPADA was started with a tiny seed of compassion and determination to do something for the welfare of the downtrodden. On 7th June 2014, SAMPADA UDUPI was registered as a Trust.

Our focus areas

An integrated approach to build a equitable and empowered society

Mission & Vision


“A society with justice, peace and ecological harmony.”


“Facilitating the most marginalized and vulnerable 10,000 families, to live with human dignity and enjoy rights and entitlements, through a process of inclusion, organization, empowerment, networking, advocacy and restoration of ecological order by 2025.”



'Help the needy during Covid' Project'

The Corona virus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown have affected the people in many ways. However, it has affected the poor and the marginalized sections of the society the most and resulted in an economic crisis, by loss of livelihood of economically underprivileged families. During this crisis, we have provided help to these vulnerable groups by providing food and other essential items, including masks and sanitizers. We distributed dry ration kits to 484 families and provided medicinal help to 32 sick persons during the pandemic period in collaboration with CARITAS INDIA, Sneha Charitable Trust, Mangalore and Buddhist TZU CHI foundation. SAMPADA UDUPI staff, volunteers and SHG members, worked at the grass root level to identify and help the needy in the remote villages during the lockdown period. They helped 285 families with family ration kits, medical assistance and took care of migrant laborer's. We are grateful to all our volunteers who reached the corners of the district.

Empowerment of Women in the District of Udupi

As a partner of KROSS Bangalore, SAMPADA UDUPI started Self-Help Groups in Udupi District to achieve Women empowerment. We started with 226 SHGs in 2014 with 3236 members. Now we have grown to 450 Self Help Groups with 6767 members, 50 local grass root level federations, 5 Taluka Vokkuta’s & one District Federation in the Udupi District. 6414 women have been benefitted by government schemes of Minority, Agriculture and Horticulture depts. Through the guidance, support and awareness given by our Animators, women in the SHGs are able to start income generation businesses of their own like tailoring, canteen, grocery shops, tender coconut sales, dairy farming, piggery, poultry, honey bee rearing and others. 1567 women participated in 35 training programs on Human Rights. 2382 took part in 49 training sessions on women rights conducted during 2018-19. As a result of our ‘Leadership Training’ 98 women contested in Grama Panchayath elections and 43 were elected as Grama Panchayath members.

SPARSHA - Instilling Hope/ Cancer Program

Our goal is to create “A society that mitigates the threat of deadly disease of cancer through awareness, early detection, treatment and prevention by adopting healthy lifestyle” in Udupi District. Through the funding of CARITAS INDIA, “SPARSHA” cancer detection program was implemented in the year 2020. Under this program we conducted 3 Cancer detection camps and identified 32 patients with initial signs of cancer and helped them to get primary treatment in Cancer Hospitals. 7 patients were helped financially for the treatment (through donors). We have got 56 volunteers for this program. In total 2,800 people took benefit of various cancer awareness camps conducted by SAMPADA UDUPI. and got awareness on how cancer occurs and how to detect it in early stages (mainly women regarding breast cancer). To help the cancer patients, we conducted “Hair Donation Camp” on 6th March 2020. 27 volunteers donated hair, among them 7 were school children. 250 women attended the program,

Integrated Child Development Program

SAMPADA UDUPI has been supporting poor and marginalized children by providing free financial support of 20% of educational expenses, including school fees, uniform, shoes, books and stationery till they complete their education. Financial support is provided even for higher studies. We include physically and mentally challenged children also in this program. Since 2015, total, 40 students have completed education out of which 6 are physically challenged. Presently 355 students are getting financial support from us. One physically challenged (only one leg) student represented National Level Karate competition for the normal children in the year 2019-20. One mentally challenged girl represented India in Para Olympic Games and won Gold Medal continuously for 3 years. We provide interest free loan to students for higher education, repayable in instalments after 18 months of completion of education. 403 students availed Rs.1,53, 57,500/- loan from EduCare Fund, KCWA & MCCQ since 2015.

Save the Mother Earth (Ecology) Program

Through Women Self Help Groups we advocate rain water harvesting, and afforestation to create Green Ecology. We have dug 9244 pits for rain water harvesting since 2015. To reduce soil erosion near river banks we supported growing mangrove trees. To increase the ground water level, we built 25 check dams to rivulets. 61 tube wells and 1583 open wells have been recharged. 402 training sessions were conducted on Ecology. Published 20 articles on ‘Save Earth” since 2015 for use of natural resources by reducing plastic and by planting saplings. Since 2017 total 16,297 saplings are planted to create Green Ecology. 6916 vegetable gardens, 6549 fruit garden and 6489 medicinal gardens are grown through Organic Farming since 2015. In 2019 through ‘Suraksha’ program 150 families were introduced to eco-friendly stoves. Awareness was given on health & sanitation to 2,798 women at 50 centers. 50 youngsters were trained to become ‘Environment Preserving Ambassadors.

Social Development

SAMPADA UDUPI being a charitable institution, have been extending our helping hand to the economically poor and needy through Medical Fund, Charity Fund and Housing Fund. Since 2015 we have distributed Rs. 25,04,000/- to 188 patients from the Medical Fund and Rs.14,94,000/- to 143 families from the Charity Fund to economically poor and needy. Financial help amounting to Rs.10,30,000/- was given to 80 families for the repair of their houses, and Rs. 20,86,030/- to 86 families for the construction of new houses since 2017 through the Housing Fund. We actively support the needy and affected people during natural calamities. We have collected and distributed cash and kind to help the affected people during floods in the Kerala state and the Kodagu District. During the Covid 19, first wave and 2nd wave, our Animators, Coordinators and Volunteers have been continuously helping the families by creating awareness about social distancing, sanitization and vaccination.

Our Activities

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SAMPADA UDUPI KCWA Education Fund distribution

The SAMPADA UDUPI KCWA Education Fund distribution function was held on Saturday, July 13, 2024, at Amulya Hall, Anugraha, Pastoral Centre, Kakkunje, Santhekatte at 3:30 PM. Rev Fr Reginald Pinto, Executive Director of SAMPADA UDUPI Trust, presided over the function. Mr Prashanth Ferrao, Cultural Secretary of KCWA (Kuwait Canara Welfare Association, Kuwait), was the chief guest. Dr Eugene D'Souza, Board Member, SAMPADA UDUPI, was another chief guest. In his welcome address, Fr Reginald explained how KCWA accumulates funds to help young students pursue their education. He appreciated the care taken by KCWA members to help needy students and remembered the eight-year relationship between KCWA and SAMPADA. He highlighted that in 2023, 19 students received Rs 9,29,810, and in 2024, 10 students received Rs 5,87,000 to date. Mr Prashanth Ferrao was presented with a Decennial Memento by SAMPADA UDUPI. In his speech, Mr Ferrao appreciated the students' struggle to pursue education and how KCWA is giving them a helping hand. He requested students to remember the hardship KCWA faces in collecting funds and wished them well for their future endeavours. Dr Eugene D'Souza, an eminent educationalist, gave practical examples to face education, using Norman Schwarzkopf's quote, "The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." He encouraged students and parents not to lose faith but to plan their studies during exam time and excel. Sr. Veera Monis, In charge of ICDP (Integrated Child Development Program), and Mrs Jenet Fernandes, CFM, SAMPADA Udupi, read out the list of students. Mr Stanley Fernandes, Coordinator of SAMPADA UDUPI, compeered the event and finally thanked all. Mr Stanley Fernandes, Coordinator SAMPADA UDUPI, Kundapura, conducted a motivational talk before the function. He emphasized communication skills, proper communication, and responsible media usage.

SAMPADA UDUPI Initiates Laudato Si Sunday Celebration in Udupi Diocese with Great Zeal

On July 7, 2024, the first Sunday of July, the Udupi Diocese observed Laudato Si Sunday, a day dedicated to protecting and preserving our natural habitat. This annual celebration is inspired by Pope Francis' encyclical letter, Laudato Si, issued on May 24, 2015, emphasizing the importance of caring for our common home. Across the diocese, all 52 parishes and various associations came together to organize special prayers, awareness talks, sapling planting, public cleaning, and anti-plastic drives. The theme for this year's celebration was "Quenching Mother Earth's Thirst through Green Cover." Throughout June and July, local federations and self-help groups will continue to observe Laudato Si Sunday through various activities, spreading awareness and encouraging action to protect the environment in their neighbourhoods. This collective effort aims to raise awareness about the urgent need to save our planet and inspire individuals to take concrete steps to reduce their ecological footprint. By working together, the people of the Catholic faith in Udupi Diocese hope to make a positive impact on the environment and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.
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Health Camp at Kanajar Church Campus Benefits 117 Villagers.

On Wednesday, June 26, 2024, a comprehensive health camp was held at Kanajar Sauhardha Bhavana, located within the Kanajar Church campus in Karkala taluk. This event was organized through the collaborative efforts of Sampada Udupi, Sthree Sanghatan Unit Kanajar, Matamaria Mahasangha Kanajar, the Indian Cancer Society Mangalore unit, the Community Medicine Department of KMC Manipal, Lions Club Nire Bailoor, Prasad Nethralaya Udupi, and the Primary Health Centre Byloor, in partnership with Lourdes Church Kanajar. The camp offered free cancer screenings, diabetes and blood pressure checks, eye exams, and general health check-ups to residents of neighbouring villages, including Bailoor, Kanajar, Kawdoor, and Palli. A total of 117 people benefited from the services provided: 34 men and 83 women. All attendees underwent basic health and eye examinations. Additionally, oral cancer screenings were conducted for all 117 participants, clinical breast examinations for 65 women, and PAP smear tests for 30 patients. The results of the PAP smear tests will be shared with the patients once available. The event saw active participation from members of the Catholic Sthree Sanghatan and Matamaria Mahasangha, who were instrumental in making arrangements and organizing the camp. The primary coordinator of the event, Fr. Harold Pereira, Parish Priest of Lourdes Church Kanajar, played a crucial role in planning and executing the camp, ensuring its success. Expert doctors from various hospitals were present to provide their services and support to the attendees.

Sampada Udupi, Diocesan Organization Celebrates Ten Years of Service to Society

Sampada Udupi, the diocesan socio-economic organization founded on June 7, 2014, celebrated ten years of service to society in the Udupi Diocese. The decennial celebration took place on June 7, 2024, at 3 PM at Amulya Hall, Anugraha Pastoral Centre, Kakkunje, Santhekatte. Most Rev. Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo, Bishop of Udupi Diocese and Managing Trustee of Sampada Udupi, presided over the program. Rev. Fr. Vincent D’Souza, Secretary of CODP, Mangalore, was the Chief Guest. Other notable guests included Mrs. Usha Vasanth of Baidashree Self Help Group (SHG), Thonse, Kallianpura; Mrs. Treeza Cardoza of Kanti SHG, Belman; Mrs. Sunayna of Shine SHG, Bailoor; and Mr. Victor D’Souza of Udaya SHG, Karkala Town. A brief prayer service was conducted by Sr. Veera, during which passages from the Bhagavad Gita, the Quran, and the Bible were read by the staff members of Sampada. Following the welcome address by Rev. Fr. Reginald Pinto, Executive Director of Sampada Udupi, Mrs. Irene presented a brief history of the organization, highlighting its mission, vision, and activities in various fields such as education, health, political awareness, environmental protection, women's empowerment, water conservation, formation of Self Help Groups for women and men, the establishment of an all-women’s bank, and organic farming. The celebration featured the felicitation of various individuals associated with Sampada Udupi. Guests on the dais, past and present trustees, members of the Board of Directors, presidents and secretaries of major organizations under Sampada's patronage, and staff members were honored with shawls, saplings, mementos, and certificates. Additionally, Mrs. Treeza Cardoza, Mrs. Sunayna, Mr. Victor D’Souza, and Mrs. Usha Vasanth shared their experiences with SHGs. A significant part of the celebration was the recognition of 24 achievers from Udupi District, including 19 women, four of whom are physically challenged, and five men. Two student achievers who received financial assistance from ICDP were also felicitated. To commemorate the occasion, Sampada Udupi released a souvenir, unveiled by Rev. Fr. Vincent D’Souza. In his message, Fr. Vincent D’Souza praised Sampada Udupi's work over the past decade, emphasizing the importance of empowering women through SHGs. He commended Rev. Fr. Reginald Pinto for his exemplary leadership. Bishop Gerald Isaac Lobo, in his address, explained that 'Sampada' means peace and prosperity in Sanskrit. He noted that Sampada Udupi was established to serve the Udupi Diocese in educational, health, political, social, economic, and cultural matters, aiming to uplift the poor and marginalized through education, training, and awareness of government schemes. The organization has provided interest-free loans for students, financial assistance for medical expenses, and support for small businesses through SHGs. Rev. Fr. Reginald Pinto was honored for his dedicated leadership over the past ten years. Other dignitaries present included Rev. Msgr. Ferdinand Gonsalves, Vicar General of Udupi Diocese; Rev. Fr. Valerian Mendonca, Rector of Milagres Cathedral; Rev. Fr. Charles Menezes, Dean of Udupi Deanery; Rev. Fr. Vincent Crasta, Secretary of CESU; Rev. Fr. Wilson D’Souza; Rev. Fr. Alwyn, Editor of Uzwaad; Rev. Fr. Stephen Fernandes; and Leslie Auroza, Director of the Family Commission. Ms. Jannet proposed the vote of thanks, and Stanley Fernandes compered the program.
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Environment Day Celebration in Udupi District

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it,"* said Robert Swan, a British historian, explorer, and activist, best known for being the first person to walk to both poles. Every year, we celebrate World Environment Day by planting trees and cleaning our surroundings. However, due to a lack of environmental education, many people are not taking adequate measures to protect the environment. It is said that if the temperature exceeds 60 degrees Celsius, human, animal, and plant life cannot survive. This year, the temperature in Udupi district reached 42 degrees Celsius. SAMPADA UDUPI is committed to educating people about environmental issues, believing that those who understand the seriousness of the problem will take action. On June 5th, World Environment Day, we continued this mission. Jasmine SHG (Kelmbet-Bola, Karkala), Samrudhi SHG (Miyar, Karkala), Nemmadi SHG (Moodubelle, Kapu), and Mahima SHG (Santhekatte Kallianpura) are a few of the self-help groups (SHGs) that received information and planned activities. The celebration of protecting and nurturing the environment will continue within these SHGs and local federations throughout June and July with the support of SAMPADA UDUPI.
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Our fortnightly e-magazine SAMPADA MITHRA's latest issue

Dear friends, last two and half years we were publishing a fortnightly e-magazine. Here we are publishing its latest issue dated 31st May 2024, Volume 03 Issue 14. Thank you
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The Resilient Spirit of Rita Vas: A Case Study in Empowerment and Community Care

Rita Vas, born in Kerala, Rita Vas relocated to Mumbai for livelihood opportunities. In 1989, she settled in Mudaru Karkala upon marrying Richard Vas. Rita and her husband struggled to make ends meet in Mumbai, running a small shop and street-side hotel for 25 years. However, due to her husband's declining health, they returned to their hometown, where they faced familial challenges, including mistreatment from in-laws. Undeterred by hardships, Rita displayed remarkable resilience. Utilizing their savings, Rita purchased land and rehabilitated an existing house. In this barren land, she initiated agriculture, cultivating areca, coconut, and pepper. Despite her illiteracy in Konkani and Kannada, Rita actively engaged with community initiatives, becoming a member of the Amoolya Self-Help Group (SHG) in 2014. Regular attendance at SHG and Mahasangha meetings enabled her to access various government schemes and facilities, including housing assistance, agricultural support, and widow pension. Rita's compassionate nature extended beyond her immediate family. Despite her own struggles, she extended support to marginalized individuals within her community. Notably, she provided employment and comprehensive care to a mentally challenged widow, Jayashree, and her daughter Vani. Rita ensured their financial stability by offering full-day wages for part-time work and shouldering their medical expenses, exemplifying her commitment to community welfare and empowerment. Rita Vas's journey embodies the transformative power of resilience, compassion, and community solidarity. Through her actions, she not only overcame personal adversities but also uplifted those around her, fostering a culture of care and empowerment within her community. Rita's legacy serves as a testament to the profound impact individuals can have in creating positive change, even in the face of daunting challenges. In a world often characterized by self-interest, Rita Vas stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, demonstrating the immense potential for individuals to catalyze transformative change through compassion, resilience, and community engagement. Her story underscores the importance of nurturing empathy and solidarity, highlighting the critical role of individuals like Rita in creating a more equitable and compassionate society.

Annual General Body Meeting of Sugamya District Federation, Udupi/ Catholic Sthree Sanghatan, Udupi

The Annual General Body Meeting of the Sugamya District Federation, Udupi/ Catholic Sthree Sanghatan, Udupi Diocese for the year 2023-24 was convened on May 13, 2024, at Amoolya Hall, Pastoral Centre, Kakkunje, Santhekatte Udupi. Presided over by President Mrs. Gracy Coelho, the meeting was graced by the presence of Msgr. Ferdinand Gonsalves, Vicar General of Udupi Diocese, as the Guest of Honour, and Mrs. Veronica Cornelio, a political and social leader, and KPCC Spokesperson, as the Chief Guest. District Federations' Office Bearers, Taluka Federation Presidents, and the federation’s mentor Fr. Reginald Pinto were also in attendance. The proceedings commenced with a prayer led by members from Inchara Taluka Federation, Kapu. Mrs. Gracy Coelho extended a warm welcome to the dignitaries, with a special acknowledgment of past Presidents. The formal inauguration took place with the lighting of the lamp. Subsequently, Mrs. Flavia D’Souza, the Secretary, presented the reports from the previous General Body Meeting and the organization's Annual Report, which received unanimous approval from the members. This was followed by Mrs. Cynthia D’Silva, the Treasurer, presenting the annual accounts, which were also approved by the members. Fr. Reginald Pinto then elucidated the newly drafted 'Trust Deed' to the members, which was unanimously endorsed. Ten women achievers, two from each Taluka Federation, were felicitated for their outstanding contributions to their personal, family, and community life, reflecting their significant impact on society. Approval for the Annual membership fees and other charges was obtained. Mrs. Gratia D’Souza of Karkala was elected as the second sub-editor of the organization’s magazine, 'Motiyaa'. In her address, Mrs. Veronica Cornelio commended the organization for its efforts in empowering women and urged women to actively participate in other social events organized by women's groups to imbibe additional values. She emphasized the pivotal role of women in both family and society and advocated for a dignified dress code to enhance societal respect. Msgr. Ferdinand Gonsalves lauded the organization's contributions to the church and society, urging women to be more dedicated and proactive. Finally, Mrs. Gracy Machado, Coordinator of 'Motiyaa' organization, expressed gratitude to all attendees. The event was skillfully compeered by Mrs. Shanthi Baretto and Mrs. Evelyn Fernandes.
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Report on the Decennial Celebration of Catholic Sthree Sanghatan/ Chaitanya Mahasangha in Miyar

The Decennial Celebration of the Catholic Sthree Sanghatan/ Chaitanya Mahasangha in Miyar commenced with a ceremonial procession led by 12 women carrying the 'Purnakumbha swaaagath'. The program was inaugurated with the symbolic opening of the ties on the plantain tree, representing the organization's five aims. Mrs. Smitha Renjar, the president of Mahasangha, extended a warm welcome to the dignitaries both on and off the dais. Secretary Mr. Florien D’Souza presented a comprehensive ten-year report to the august gathering. In his address, Fr. Jerome Monteiro, the founder spiritual Director, emphasized the unique spiritual dimension of the organization, highlighting its Catholic identity. He underscored the importance of fostering interaction among women to strengthen their spiritual and social well-being. The event saw the felicitation of past presidents and Secretaries, acknowledging their valuable contributions. Special guest Fr. Reginald Pinto, Executive Director, commended the Mahasangha for its impactful activities and urged a continued emphasis on Catholic values. Fifteen grassroots achievers, exemplary in their family and social endeavours, were honoured, while Varado Spiritual Director Fr. Paul Cutino encouraged them to serve as role models for other women. Diocesan President Mrs. Gracy Coelho underscored the significant role of women in both household and societal responsibilities, urging them to uplift and support one another. Vice President of PPC of Miyar, Mr. Daniel Renjar, emphasized the inspirational impact of honouring women, while prizes were distributed for various competitions conducted for SHGs throughout the year. The President of the function and Spiritual Director of the unit, Fr. Paul Rego, lauded the organization for nurturing women's leadership talents within society. Special recognition was accorded to Mrs. Mary Morass for her dedicated service to the church and community cleanliness efforts. Mrs. Shalini Rodrigues delivered the vote of thanks, while Mrs. Florien Pinto skilfully compeered the program. The celebration concluded with women showcasing their talents through various cultural performances, followed by a sumptuous meal served to all attendees, marking a memorable conclusion to the Decennial Celebrations.

Awareness regarding monkey fever in the villages adjourning to Western Ghats

Kyasanur Forest Disease (KFD), commonly known as monkey fever, poses a distinctive public health challenge in the Western Ghats region of India. Caused by the KFD virus (KFDV), an arbovirus belonging to the Flaviviridae family, this disease predominantly affects villages within or adjacent to the Western Ghats. Our dedicated animator, Mrs. Irene Noronha, collaborated with the District Administration to raise awareness about KFD among villagers in her working area. Supported by local Asha workers and experts from MAHA Manipal, Ms. Preeta and Monali, the team educated communities about the disease's symptoms, preventive measures, and treatment protocols. In addition to these efforts, informational handbills were distributed to households to further reinforce the message. SAMPADA UDUPI remains committed to partnering with the health department to safeguard the well-being of our community.
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Monitoring visit regarding WE Project by KROSS team

A monitoring visit for the Misereor-sponsored Women Empowerment Project was conducted by the KROSS team on the 18th and 19th of this month. Led by Sr. Nancy, the project guide, and Ms. Layla Lasrado, the Project Coordinator, the team visited several Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and federations across various locations. They interacted with Sana, Sama, and Suha SHGs in Miyar, Ashirwaad Local Federation in Hirgan, Jnanodaya Local Federation in Belman, Chaitanya Local Federation in Miyar, and Janani Local Federation in Mudarangadi. Additionally, they visited the Arpana Taluka Federation in Karkala taluka. Accompanied by Mr. Stanley Fernandes, Project Coordinator for Sampada, and our dedicated animators Mrs. Irene, Mrs. Jacinta, Ms. Priya, and Mrs. Lilly, the team also had the opportunity to visit income-generating units. They met Mrs. Anitha, who crafts plates from arecanut leaves, Mrs. Nayana D’Souza, an entrepreneur in poultry farming who has benefited from various government schemes, and Mrs. Saritha D’Almeida, who runs a successful piggery farm. During their visit, the team engaged with SAMPADA staff and meticulously reviewed the project documents, reaffirming our commitment to transparency and effective implementation.

Future Activities Planning by Gender Equality Motivation Team

Formation and Training: The Gender Equality Motivation team was officially formed on December 15, 2023. Selected members, enthusiastic about raising awareness on Gender Equality within the district, underwent comprehensive training sessions. Evaluation and Planning Session: On April 16, 2024, an evaluation and planning session was conducted to chart out the future activities of the Gender Equality Motivation Team. The session was attended by dedicated volunteers committed to promoting gender equality. Insights from the Session: Fr. Reginald, the Executive Director, provided a thorough overview of Gender Equality, dispelling misconceptions and clarifying the concept for all participants. The team members recalled and reflected on the training content received during the initial formation of the team. Action Plan Development: Mr. Stanley, the Coordinator, led the team in developing an action plan to guide their future initiatives. Participants actively contributed suggestions and collectively decided on the strategic approach to be adopted. Upcoming Initiatives: The team has resolved to commence training sessions from May onwards, focusing primarily on Self-Help Groups and neighborhood gatherings. This initiative aims to empower communities with knowledge and awareness about Gender Equality. The Gender Equality Motivation Team is poised to make a significant impact through their dedicated efforts, and we look forward to witnessing their positive influence on the community.
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Women Supporting Each Other in Income-Generating Endeavors.

Our Women Empowerment Program is dedicated to fostering the holistic development of women and their families. While our focus encompasses social, political, and various other spheres of empowerment, we place special emphasis on ensuring economic stability for women and their families. Availing government facilities remains a priority in our program. Concurrently, we encourage women to engage in income-generating activities to enhance their financial independence. A shining example of this initiative is Mrs. Judith Lobo, a proud member of Prerana Mahasangha, located in Shirva Kapu taluka. Mrs. Lobo recently showcased and sold a diverse range of candles that she meticulously crafted during the Women’s Day celebration organized by Prerana Mahasangha. The exhibition featured an exquisite collection of candles, including perfume candles, vibrant coloured candles, and even mosquito-repelling candles. Each candle was a testament to Mrs. Lobo's creativity and craftsmanship. The event witnessed an overwhelming response, with many women purchasing the candles, thereby extending their support to Mrs. Lobo's entrepreneurial venture. It was truly heart-warming to witness this display of solidarity, where women uplifted and supported one another economically. Such instances reaffirm our belief in the strength and resilience of women. Through collective efforts and mutual support, we continue to pave the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for all.
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Women’s day was celebrated in a unique way.

Under the esteemed leadership of Mrs. Prameela Fernandes, the venerable President of the Catholic Sthree Sanghatan, Mukamaar Unit, and the Janani Mahasangha, Mukamaar, a harmonious celebration of Women's Day unfolded with grace and unity. Guided by the wise counsel of Mrs. Nancy D’Silva, President of the Inchara Mahila Vokkuta, Kapu Taluka, and with the collaborative spirit of the unit's office-bearers, this celebration took on a truly special aura. Amidst the warmth of camaraderie, Fr. John Mendonca, the esteemed Parish Priest and Spiritual Director of the unit, graced the occasion with his presence, imparting a message that resonated deeply with all attendees. Mr. Stanly Fernandes, the dedicated Coordinator of SAMPADA UDUPI, enriched the gathering with an enlightening information session, while the local animator, Ms. Jacintha D’Souza, added her own touch of grace to the proceedings. What made this gathering truly exceptional was the inclusive participation of women, alongside their husbands, children, and extended family members, in the joyous Women's Day Celebration. Laughter and joy filled the air as games added a playful dimension to the event, with prizes adding to the merriment. To culminate this memorable occasion, a sumptuous treat was shared with all present, symbolizing the spirit of togetherness and shared joy that characterized this beautiful celebration of womanhood.
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Women’s day was celebrated in a unique way.

Under the esteemed leadership of Mrs. Prameela Fernandes, the venerable President of the Catholic Sthree Sanghatan, Mukamaar Unit, and the Janani Mahasangha, Mukamaar, a harmonious celebration of Women's Day unfolded with grace and unity. Guided by the wise counsel of Mrs. Nancy D’Silva, President of the Inchara Mahila Vokkuta, Kapu Taluka, and with the collaborative spirit of the unit's office-bearers, this celebration took on a truly special aura. Amidst the warmth of camaraderie, Fr. John Mendonca, the esteemed Parish Priest and Spiritual Director of the unit, graced the occasion with his presence, imparting a message that resonated deeply with all attendees. Mr. Stanly Fernandes, the dedicated Coordinator of SAMPADA UDUPI, enriched the gathering with an enlightening information session, while the local animator, Ms. Jacintha D’Souza, added her own touch of grace to the proceedings. What made this gathering truly exceptional was the inclusive participation of women, alongside their husbands, children, and extended family members, in the joyous Women's Day Celebration. Laughter and joy filled the air as games added a playful dimension to the event, with prizes adding to the merriment. To culminate this memorable occasion, a sumptuous treat was shared with all present, symbolizing the spirit of togetherness and shared joy that characterized this beautiful celebration of womanhood.

Health Check-up Camp at RozarMathe Self Help Group Kanajar.

Recently, the RozarMathe Self-Help Group, nestled in the quaint village of Kanajar within the picturesque Karkala Taluka, orchestrated a benevolent endeavor—a health check-up camp that emanated from the heart of one of its cherished members' homes. This compassionate initiative blossomed in collaboration with the esteemed Primary Health Centre of Bailoor, Karkala. Led by the dedicated Community Health Officer (CHO) of Bailoor Village, Mrs. Tejaswini, and her devoted team, the health camp unfolded with grace and efficacy. Amidst the tranquil ambiance, the diligent team administered crucial health assessments, encompassing vital checks such as Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and Hemoglobin tests. A total of 33 people, including members of the RozarMathe SHG, their beloved families, and benevolent Neighbours, reaped the invaluable benefits of this noble endeavor. It was a testament to the power of community spirit and the unwavering commitment to fostering health and well-being within the tapestry of rural life.
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Kapu Farmers Producer Organization was visited by KROSS Bengaluru Team.

On the auspicious day of April 6th, the noble hearts of the Karnataka Regional Organization for Social Service (KROSS), headquartered in the vibrant city of Bengaluru, embarked on a journey of camaraderie and collaboration. Led by the esteemed Director, Fr. Richard Pais, the KROSS team graced the premises of the Kapu Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) nestled in the tranquil surroundings of Manchakal Shirva. In the company of luminaries such as Mrs. Lilly D’Souza, the esteemed President of Kapu FPO, alongside select members of the Board of Directors, including the distinguished presence of Mr. John Avin D'Souza, the CEO, and Ms. Sharanya, the diligent Accountant of Kapu FPO, the stage was set for an enriching exchange of ideas. Under the guiding light of Mr. Stanly Fernandes, the dedicated Coordinator of SAMPADA UDUPI, the air was filled with the harmonious melodies of insightful discussions. The esteemed visitors from KROSS, Bengaluru, engaged in a spirited dialogue on matters of health and welfare with the esteemed President, the illustrious Board members, and the visionary CEO of Kapu FPO. A plethora of wisdom flowed as the exchange of knowledge enriched both hearts and minds. In a poignant moment, the KROSS team extended heartfelt appreciation for the remarkable success story and commendable achievements of the Kapu FPO, an epitome of women's empowerment and collective prosperity. Truly, it was a meeting of minds, united in the noble pursuit of social upliftment and shared prosperity.
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‘Drug menace in the family’ awareness program at Palimaar Parish

On April 7th, a training session was conducted at St. Pius Parish, Palimaar. The Executive Director of SAMPADA UDUPI led the session. Initially, he addressed the topic of 'Understanding the Gen Z Generation and How to Guide and Support them.' Later, he discussed the 'Drug Menace in Families,' raising awareness about how various drugs infiltrate our homes and affect family members, and the precautions families should take. Over 150 men, women, and youth attended the training. The Parish Priest of St. Pius Church Palimaar, Fr. Sandeep Gerald DMello, along with the local Sthree Sanghatan Unit and Health Commission, organized this training session.
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Women’s Day Celebration – Report No 02.

International Women's Day is celebrated every year on 8 March. The day is dedicated to the achievements of women, their rights, equity, empowerment, and more. This year, Women's Day 2024 will be observed under the theme 'Invest in women: Accelerate progress.' The world is facing many crises, ranging from geopolitical conflicts to soaring poverty levels and the escalating impacts of climate change. These challenges can only be addressed by solutions that empower women. By investing in women, we can spark change and speed the transition towards a healthier, safer, and more equal world for all. International Women's Day serves as a reminder of the need to continually strive for gender equality and to promote social change. In our District the Local Federations celebrated women’s day either on the previous Sunday or the following Sunday. Many of the local Federations celebrated Women’s Day on 10th March with stage program; study sessions, talks by eminent personalities, and games for women, cultural activities and recognizing women achievers. Here are few photos of women’s get-together of Gangolli, Kundapura, Palimaar, Parapady, Pilar Shirva, Piusnagar-Hangaluru, Sasthana and Shankarpura local federations.
/media/sampadaudupi/Basrur 1 (2).jpg

Women’s Day Celebration in Udupi District: Part 01

SAMPADA UDUPI puts a spotlight on Women Empowerment as one of its core activities. Every year, our Self-Help Groups and Local Federations (Mahasanghas) come together to celebrate Women’s Day during March. While International Women’s Day falls on March 8th, our celebration is held on a day convenient for our women. We extend invitations to local leaders and remarkable women achievers to share their messages of inspiration. Additionally, we take the opportunity to honour women who have excelled in various fields. This year, our focus for International Women’s Day 2024 is on the theme 'Inspire Inclusion', emphasizing the celebration of diversity and empowerment not only on this day but for the future. International Women’s Day is a global acknowledgment of women's social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. It serves as a vital reminder of progress made towards gender equality while recognizing the ongoing work needed to achieve it. The campaign theme 'Inspire Inclusion' urges us to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and create environments where every woman is valued and respected. It emphasizes the crucial role of inclusion in advancing gender equality, calling for action to embrace the diverse perspectives and contributions of women from all backgrounds, including those from marginalized communities. We are thrilled to share some snapshots of the vibrant Women’s Day celebrations held at the Mahasangha levels in Basrur, Kota, Padukone, and Trasi, as well as the Self-Help Group level celebrations in Belman. These images capture the spirit of unity, empowerment, and celebration that define our commitment to Women’s Day and the broader cause of women's empowerment.
/media/sampadaudupi/1 (2)_u4cUmuh.jpg

Women’s Day celebration at Kalathur, Kapu Taluka

On March 2nd, International Women’s Day was celebrated with enthusiasm at Kalathur Parish, where despite having only 87 families, 50 women came together to mark the occasion. This vibrant community boasts three Self-Help Groups initiated by SAMPADA Udupi: Spandana SHG, Divyajyothi SHG, and Pallavi SHG, which collectively form the Shanthi Mahasangha. Mrs. Prafulla Lobo, along with other office bearers, orchestrated a meaningful celebration. The event commenced with a Thanksgiving Eucharist led by Fr. Reginald Pinto, the Executive Director of SAMPADA UDUPI. Following the service, a stage program was organized, presided over by Fr. Francis Xavier Lewis, the Parish Priest of Perpetual Succour Parish, with Fr. Reginald Pinto as the Chief Guest and Mrs. Nancy D’Silva, the Mukamaar President of Inchara Taluka Federation, Kapu Taluka, as the guest of honour. The program began with a symbolic plant watering ceremony. During the event, Fr. Francis Xavier commended the women of Shanthi Mahasangha for their multifaceted contributions to the village. Mrs. Nancy D’Silva delivered a poignant message acknowledging women's invaluable service to society. Fr. Reginald Pinto emphasized the theme of this year’s Women’s Day: 'Inspire Inclusion', advocating for a world where women's inclusion is not just encouraged but celebrated. He also shed light on the challenges faced by the Gen Z generation and provided awareness on the issue of drug abuse within families, underscoring the pivotal role of women in prevention. The program was eloquently compeered by Mrs. Margaret.

The monthly meeting of SAMPADA UDUPI

Introduction: At Sampada Udupi, our commitment to community empowerment drives us to engage in impactful activities every month. In February 2024, our dedicated team embarked on a series of initiatives aimed at uplifting the villages of Udupi district. Here's a glimpse into our endeavors: Village Outreach: Our team traversed through 85 villages, ensuring widespread coverage and direct engagement with community members. Self-Help Group Empowerment: We actively participated in 93 self-help group meetings, fostering dialogue and empowerment among 988 women and men. Additionally, our animators conducted personal visits to 16 households, ensuring inclusivity and support for all members. Local Federation Engagement: Through 34 Local Federation meetings, we reached out to 563 federation members, imparting vital information and facilitating collaboration for community development. Digital Management and Support: Harnessing technology for efficiency, we uploaded 184 SHG accounts to our 'SHG Management' program, streamlining operations and enhancing transparency. Individual Support and Welfare: We extended a helping hand to 15 vulnerable women, providing essential support and resources. Additionally, our team visited the homes of 51 SHG office bearers, gathering valuable insights and ensuring the seamless functioning of SHG meetings. Government Interface and Advocacy: Our engagement with 20 government offices facilitated smooth transactions and advocacy for community members. Through diligent documentation, we ensured access to various government schemes, benefiting over 250 women with resources worth more than 20 lakh. Education and Developmental Support: We monitored the progress of 07 Integrated Child Development Program beneficiaries, ensuring their educational journey is nurtured and supported. Capacity Building and Skill Enhancement: Conducting 6 training sessions at various locations, we equipped community members with new skills and knowledge, empowering them for sustainable livelihoods. Impact Assessment and Learning: We presented 07 case studies during our review meeting, highlighting success stories and areas for improvement, thereby fostering a culture of learning and continuous improvement. Conclusion: In February 2024, Sampada Udupi's unwavering dedication and proactive approach yielded significant impact in the communities we serve. Our efforts reflect our mission to create positive change and sustainable development in the Udupi district.
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Spoorthi Men’s local Federation inaugurated at Belman, Karkala Taluka

The new men’s Mahasangha or Local Federation was recently inaugurated in Belman, Karkala taluka. It was named Spoorthi Men’s Mahasangha, Belman. Vishwas Men’s Self-Help Group, Pragathi Men’s Self-Help Group, and Chetana Men’s Self-Help Groups were established in and around the Belman village of Karkala Taluka. Now is the time for the men united under the banner of self-help groups to come together and form a village-level federation. Rev. Fr. Fred Mascarenhas, Parish Priest of St Joseph Parish, Belman, inaugurated the Spoorthi Men’s local federation by lighting the lamp. He wished the newly established Spoorthi Men’s Local Federation all the success. Mr. Stanley Fernandes, Coordinator of SAMPADA UDUPI, conducted the training. Ms. Jacintha D’Souza, the local Animator, worked hard to bring these three groups together under the banner of Mahasangha. In the election, Mr. Vincent Pinto was elected as President, Mr. Rayan Pinto as Secretary, and Mr. Apoline Noronha as Treasurer of the newly formed Spoorthi Men’s Mahasangha, Belman.
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Men’s Self-Help Groups and their social concern.

Members of the Men’s Self-Help Groups have transitioned from addressing solely individual and familial concerns to embracing broader social responsibilities. In recent meetings, discussions have revolved around the lack of essential social amenities such as water, road infrastructure, electricity, and cleanliness. The Belaku Men’s Self-Help Group, based in Kanajar, Karkala Taluka, took proactive steps by visiting their local Palli Panchayath office. There, they engaged with the Panchayath president, Mrs. Janet Martis, alongside the area's Animator, to submit an application requesting street lights along the Balloka to Kallapu road. This initiative underscores the group's commitment to enhancing community well-being and safety. Similar efforts are being replicated in other locations, where Men’s Self-Help Groups are actively engaging with local authorities and relevant departments to address pressing issues. Notably, recent discussions have highlighted concerns regarding the threat of wild animals to agricultural cultivation, prompting further dialogue and action. It is heartening to witness the evolution of these groups, as they not only empower individuals but also contribute significantly to the betterment of society at large.
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Celebration of Constitutional Day at Srushti Local Federation, Piusnagar, Kundapura Taluka

The Srushti Local Federation, nestled in the picturesque Piusnagar within the enchanting Kundapura Taluka, joined hands with the esteemed Catholic Sthree Sanghatan, Piusnagar unit, to commemorate Constitution Day in a grand celebration held within the hallowed halls of their Parish on the 5th of February 2023. At the helm of this enlightening affair stood none other than the esteemed Mr. Edward Larson D’Souza, a luminary in matters of constitutional expertise within the local community. With eloquence befitting his stature, Mr. D’Souza unveiled the intricacies of the Indian Constitution, unravelling its historical genesis, profound contents, and unveiling its sanctified essence. His erudition knew no bounds as he delved into the depths of constitutional rights, shedding light not only on their overarching significance but also on their nuanced relevance, especially in the context of the empowerment of women. A congregation of 37 eager minds, representing the essence of the federation, graced this illuminating session, leaving imbued with a newfound understanding and appreciation for the bedrock of our nation – the Indian Constitution.
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Evaluation of Men’s Self-Help Groups that are started by SAMAPADA UDUPI

SAMPADA UDUPI consistently assesses its programs to determine whether they have fulfilled their objectives and whether beneficiaries are satisfied with the programs. Simultaneously, it strives to identify additional needs expressed by beneficiaries. Continuous evaluation ensures satisfaction for both us and our beneficiaries, as it demonstrates that their concerns are acknowledged, and their voices are heard. Men’s Self-help Groups (SHGs) are a relatively new concept implemented by SAMPADA in recent years. Initially, men expressed similar objectives to those of Women SHGs. However, over time, SAMPADA has refined the objectives for Men’s SHGs, focusing on men’s empowerment, economic stability, particularly through organic farming in agriculture, and aligning family goals for holistic development encompassing family, individual, social, economic, and political aspects. Currently, there is a need for evaluation of these Men’s SHGs. Mr. Stanley Fernandes, our coordinator, has been conducting personal evaluations of various Men’s SHGs. Recently, Kalpavraksha Men’s SHG in Pandeshwara village, Brahmavara Taluka; Ujwala Men’s SHG in Trasi village; and Spoorthi Men’s SHG in Gangolli village, all in Byndoor Taluka, have been visited for evaluation. This ongoing evaluation process ensures that SAMPADA remains responsive to the evolving needs of its beneficiaries and continues to effectively support their development initiatives.
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Fund drives for SPARSHA: Instilling Hope cancer project.

Each February, we joyously embrace the noble cause of 'SPARSHA: instilling Hope,' a program dedicated to combating cancer. Throughout the year, SAMPADA UDUPI tirelessly conducts a myriad of initiatives, including cancer detection camps and enlightening awareness sessions for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Additionally, we extend our compassionate hand by providing financial assistance to cancer patients, ensuring they receive the medical care they desperately need. As February unfolds, we enthusiastically embark on our 'fundraising for cancer' campaign, rallying our community to contribute generously towards this vital cause. Our dedicated animators, adorned with collection boxes, traverse the streets, inviting the public to join us in our mission. To all our cherished well-wishers, we extend an open invitation to partake in this noble endeavor, allowing their generosity to spark rays of hope in the lives of those battling cancer.
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Training on Strengthening of Arpana Taluka Federation, Karkala.

On the radiant morning of February 2nd, 2023, amidst the hallowed walls of the Christ King Church Hall in Karkala, a transformative one-day training session blossomed, aimed at fortifying the very heart of community unity—the Taluka Federation. Led by the venerable Fr. Paul Cutinha, esteemed advisor to the Arpana Taluka Federation, this gathering was a testament to the collaborative spirit fostered by the WEP Project, under the auspices of KROSS, Bengaluru. In the gentle embrace of this sacred space, 54 devoted souls, emissaries from 9 local federations (Mahasangha’s), congregated, eager to imbibe the wisdom imparted by the venerable Mr. Stanley Fernandes, the project's esteemed coordinator. Standing as pillars of support, the indomitable spirit of service shone brightly through the dedication of Ms. Lilly D’Souza, Ms. Irene Noronha, Ms. Jacintha D’Souza, and Ms. Priya, the passionate animators of the WEP Project. In the spirit of collaboration and mutual empowerment, the luminaries comprising the local federation office-bearers engaged in profound dialogue, penning down their visions and aspirations for the strengthening of the taluka federation. Through spirited group discussions, these ideas took flight, weaving a tapestry of hope and possibility. A consensus emerged amongst the fervent participants, echoing the sentiment that the nurturing of Self-Help Groups and local federations (Mahasangha’s) is paramount, their tendrils extending to touch every facet of social, political, economic, and educational spheres. It was abundantly clear that this collective effort serves as the cornerstone for fortifying both the Taluka Federation and the District Federation alike. Under the gracious guidance of President Ms. Laveena, the gathering was welcomed with open arms, her words echoing the warmth and inclusivity that defines the spirit of the federation. And as the day drew to a close, it was Ms. Sophia who tenderly rendered the vote of thanks, her words a heartfelt tribute to the boundless potential inherent in community solidarity and shared purpose.

A days outing for SAMPADA UDUPI staff

On a delightful departure from their everyday work routine, the dedicated staff of SAMPADA UDUPI embarked on a soul-reviving journey. Their destination of choice was the enchanting Asare Beach Park, nestled in the picturesque locale of Kadike near Badanidiyur, along the fisheries road between Thottam and Hoode. Arriving at the idyllic spot around 10 am, they lingered until 4:30 pm, soaking in every moment of serenity. The morning commenced with spirited team activities, including playful games, an exhilarating round of anthyakshari, and the ever-charming housie. Following a sumptuous meal, the staff delighted in the embrace of the sea, immersing themselves in its refreshing waters. As the day drew to a close, a heart-warming prize distribution ceremony ensued, sprinkling the gathering with joyous camaraderie. Gratitude filled the air as each member expressed heartfelt appreciation, bidding farewell to the day adorned with cherished memories. Notably, the esteemed staff of Sugamya Mahila Sauhardha Sahakari Ltd also graced the outing with their presence, further enriching the experience with their camaraderie and warmth.
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The young in spirit agriculturist Mr. Apoline Noronha, we salute you sir.

SAMPADA UDUPI, through its Organic Farming Program, extends its unwavering support and heartfelt appreciation to the diligent farmers who persevere in their agricultural endeavours. While we often proclaim that "agriculturists are the backbone of our country," it is lamentable that the support extended to ensure their survival is woefully inadequate. Men’s Self Help Groups, a beacon of hope dedicated to catering to the needs of farmers. Introducing Men’s Self-Help Groups (SHGs), we endeavour to uplift and empower those who toil tirelessly on the land. One such luminary is Mr. Apoline Noronha, hailing from a lineage deeply rooted in farming in the idyllic village of Nandalike, nestled within the verdant expanse of Karkala Taluka. Despite his advancing years and the embrace of grandchildren, he remains steadfast in his stewardship of Mother Earth. In a recent celebration commemorating the spirit of the Republic in Karkala Taluka, Mr. Noronha was bestowed with the prestigious "Krishi Prashasti" for his remarkable achievements in paddy cultivation. During the agricultural year of 2022-23, he garnered an impressive yield of 73.90 quintals of paddy from a single hectare, thereby securing the coveted first position in the Taluka for his exemplary prowess in paddy cultivation. In recognition of this feat, the Karkala Taluka administration bestowed upon him an honour befitting his unparalleled dedication and success. Mr. Noronha stands as a founding member and active participant of the Chetana Men’s SHG, Nandalike, situated within the Belman area. Moreover, he is a stalwart member of the 'Belman–Kelmbet Organic Farmers Association,' exemplifying an unwavering commitment to the principles of organic farming. Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a profound passion for agriculture, particularly in the realm of organic farming, Mr. Noronha eagerly participates in every training session conducted in the vicinity that pertains to agricultural practices. His proactive engagement serves as an inspiration to aspiring young farmers who seek to carve a niche for themselves in the field of agriculture. It is incumbent upon us to rally behind individuals like Mr. Noronha, for by supporting them; we not only bolster the economy of our nation but also uphold the very backbone of our society. Let us, therefore, extend our wholehearted support to our farmers, recognizing their indispensable role in shaping the destiny of our nation.

Documentation Training to the field staff of SAMPADA UDUPI

SAMPADA UDUPI conducted documentation training for field staff on Monday, 22nd January 2024, aiming to enhance their knowledge and rapport with beneficiaries, particularly the poor and marginalized. Coordinators and animators oversee self-help groups, local federations, and taluka federations, with documentation playing a pivotal role in their work. This ensures comprehensive reporting to donors and the public. Following the training, several decisions were made. Animators and coordinators, as individuals, are required to update their diaries daily. They should maintain data on SHGs, including member details, transactions, benefits availed from various schemes, and yearly, monthly, and weekly action plans. Additionally, they must record all applications submitted in ward Sabha by members, either individually or as a group, for effective follow-up. Self-help groups should maintain an updated report book, bank passbook, SHG account, and files related to loan applications, audit reports, Sampada Sambhanda monthly magazine, and visitor logs. Mahasangha or Local Federations should keep an updated report book, meeting attendance register, account book, receipt and voucher books, and detailed information on SHGs, including reports received and sent to taluka and district federations. Documentation on Sugamya Sauhardha Sahakari, 'Motiyaa' copies, and activity files are also essential. All relevant data pertaining to SHGs and their members should be readily available. Mr. Stanley Fernandes conducted the training, and consensus was reached through group discussions.
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Anniversary celebration of Men’s Self-Help group HG with an Ecological Touch.

Prakrati Men’s Self-Help Group (SHG) of Ninjoor, Palli village in Karkala Taluka celebrated their self-help group's 3rd anniversary by honouring Mother Earth. They accomplished this by building a check dam in a rivulet within their vicinity on Sunday, January 21, 2024. Mr. James D’Souza, the President of Prakrati SHG, provided leadership for the initiative. Mr. Nelson Machado, Treasurer of the Samanwaya District Federation; Mr. Antony Miranda, President of Chetana Mahasangha, Kanajar; Mr. Ronald Nazareth, Secretary; Mr. Merwin D’Souza, Treasurer; Mr. Vijay Saldanha, President of Ujwala Men’s Self-Help Group (SHG); Mr. Inish Mirandha, Member; Mr. Michael Miranda, President of Akruthi Men’s Self-Help Group (SHG); Mr. Bonaventure Saldanha, President of Nidhi Men’s Self-Help Group (SHG); and others from Palli joined hands with the members. Fr. Harold Pereira, the Parish Priest of Lourdes Church, Kanajar, also attended the event and supported the participants. Elder members of the SHG provided guidance. Mr. Melwyn Gomes, Treasurer of Prakrati Men’s SHG, took care of the physical needs of the members. In the earlier days, farmers would come together to build small check-dams to preserve water, ensuring the protection of groundwater levels, sufficient water for winter agricultural activities, and enough water for household purposes during summer. This was to counter the decrease in water levels in their open wells. SAMPADA UDUPI is working to revive traditional water-conserving activities through men’s self-help groups. It is hoped that Prakrati Men’s SHG will serve as a guiding star for other Men’s SHGs in the Udupi district.

Two days Seminar on Conflict Management at SAMPADA UDUPI

SAMPADA UDUPI organized a two-day seminar on January 11th and 12th, 2024, focusing on Conflict Management as part of the Women Empowerment Project conducted by KROSS Bengaluru and supported by Misereor. The seminar saw active participation from District Federations, Taluka Federations, and Local Federation office bearers of DKDSS Belthangadi, KIDS Puttur, CODP Mangalore, and SAMPADA UDUPI. Key contributors to the seminar included Mrs. Yashodha Shetty, President of Santhwana Kendra, Karkala; Fr. Richard Pais, Director of KROSS Bengaluru; Fr. Reginald Pinto, Executive Director of SAMPADA UDUPI; and Mrs. Maria Kothwal, a renowned lawyer from Karkala, who served as resource persons. The speakers covered various topics, including atrocities within families, Conflict Management, Gender and women’s status in society, and the legal perspective of conflicts within families. Approximately 40 participants actively engaged in the seminar over the two days. Mr. Stanly Fernandes, Coordinator at SAMPADA UDUPI, efficiently planned and executed the seminar.

Training on Strengthening of the Sugamya District Federation.

On Monday, January 8, 2024, SAMPADA UDUPI organized a training session at Anugraha, Pastoral Centre, Udupi, focusing on strengthening the District Federation. The training was attended by office-bearers from Sugamya Women District Federation, Udupi District, as well as representatives from its subsidiary organizations: Arpana Women Federation, Karkala Taluka; Ujwala Women Federation, Brahmavara Taluka; Bhavana Women Federation, Kundapura-Byndoor Talukas; Sharadi Women Federation, Udupi Taluka; and Inchara Women Federation, Kapu Taluka. Following the informative session, participants engaged in group discussions based on their respective Taluka Federations. The ensuing dialogue resulted in valuable suggestions: 1. Emphasized the importance of members and office-bearers attending meetings at all levels, from Self-help Groups to the District Federation. 2. Urged proper documentation of activities and events, with timely submission of reports to higher levels.3. Advocated for collaborative event organization with neighboring women organizations. 4. Highlighted the significance of recognizing and honoring achievers at all organizational levels. 5. Encouraged former office-bearers to support current office-bearers in the organization's functioning across all levels. This training session was a crucial component of the Women Empowerment Program, supported by Misereor and KROSS Bengaluru.
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Education help distributed to the needy students.

Education assistance was provided to 15 needy students at the request of a donor. After receiving and carefully reviewing the applications, 15 students were selected. A meeting was organized with the students and their parents on Saturday, 30th December, during which Fr. Reginald, the Executive Director of SAMPADA UDUPI, shared information about skill development and emphasized the importance of prioritizing subjects during exam preparation. Sr. Veera Monis briefed the students and parents about the donor and his intentions. Following the session, the students and their parents enjoyed a high tea.

Unique way to spread the joy of Christmas.

Prakrati Mahasangha, the local federation of Pamboor in Bantakal, Kapu taluka, collaborated with Lions Club Bantakal Jasmine to organize a unique Christmas celebration. The event included members of the NRLM (National Rural Livelihood Mission) unit from Shirva Panchayath, responsible for waste management. Present at the celebration were members of Shirva Panchayath, office-bearers of the SLRM unit, President and members of Lions Club Bantakal Jasmine, and office-bearers and members of Prakrati Mahasangha. During the festivities, Christmas gifts were shared, and a Christmas message was delivered. The villagers expressed their gratitude to the waste management staff of Shirva Panchayath for their service during the Christmas season, bringing joy to them. The women of Prakrati Mahasangha, Pamboor, are commended for this admirable gesture during Christmas.'
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Activities and discussions in the SHGs help to inspire its members.

The Kanajar Self-Help Group in Kanajar village, Karkala Taluka, is a dynamic and thriving community. When one member achieves success, it serves as inspiration for others. Upon learning about various government schemes, the group eagerly applied and has since become beneficiaries. Cecilia Quadras, through the Mnarega program, received support for her agricultural endeavors and established an arecanut garden. Maria Martis, also under Mnarega, utilized assistance to create a nutritious garden. Another proactive member, Wilma Lobo, accessed benefits for a nutritious garden and obtained black pipes and agricultural utensils from the Agriculture department. This success story stands as a source of inspiration for fellow self-help group members, both men and women alike.
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Christmas celebration with the needy and the downtrodden

Ashirwaad Self-help Group in Kanajar, Karkala Taluka, and Deepa Self-help Group in Moodubelle, Kapu Taluka celebrated Christmas in a unique way. They identified needy families, visited them to understand their needs, collected funds among themselves, purchased daily necessities, prepared Kuswar (local sweets made during the Christmas season), and visited the families. They donated the goods, extending Christmas blessings. Truly, Christ is born in the houses of the poor. Hats off to all the members of these self-help groups. Congratulations! May your generosity be blessed by baby Jesus.
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SAMPADA UDUPI celebrates Christmas with its staff.

SAMPADA UDUPI celebrated Christmas today, on the 22nd of December 2023, in its office with a simple yet deeply religious tone. Christmas carols were sung by the staff, and the Executive Director delivered a Christmas message, urging the team to follow the footsteps of our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, by taking care of the vulnerable, marginalized, poor, and needy. Token gifts were presented to the staff, including those working at Anugraha, the Pastoral Centre. After the small get-together, everyone enjoyed a family meal.
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Students from Sweden studied SAMPADA’s work in the field

Visitors from Sweden, Ms. Miia Herlevi and Ms. Lois Clotworthy, education exchange program students, along with their guides, Dr. Mackwin DMello and Dr. Reni from KS Hegde Medical Academy, visited SAMPADA's UDUPI office on 21st December 2023. Fr. Reginald, the Executive Director, explained the vision, mission, and goals of the SAMPADA UDUPI organization. Later, they were taken to Kolalgiri, Brahmavara Taluka, for a field visit to understand the impact of its Women Empowerment Program. They received information about income-generating activities of the women and also learned about organic farming. The visitors appreciated the work done by SAMPADA for women empowerment and organic farming.

Christmas celebrations started at Self Help Group levels.

Christmas is round the corner. All the self-Help Groups as per the guidance from SAMPADA UDUPI together with their animators and group leaders celebrate Christmas in very special way. Usually, the members of self-help groups prepare Kuswar (a traditional Christmas sweets of our region), share it i the group and have love and solidarity in the group. Special mention has to be done to Jeevan Jyothi self-help Group of Hirgan village of Karkala Taluka. The members identified a need family of their neighborhood, that is of Mrs. Suguna of Nellikatte , share with her 10 KG rice, condiments, Christmas sweets worth Rs. 3,000/-, which had been pooled together by the members. When the members enjoyed Christmas, they spread their joy to a needy family so that the family too can enjoy the happiness of Christmas.

Self-Employment Training at Taluka women Federations.

Sugamya Women District Federation, Udupi District, which is started and guided by SAMPADA UDUPI, has a unique program in the latter half of November and early December. Sugamya District women federation has 05 Taluka Federations: They are Inchara Women federation, Kapu Taluka; Arpana Women Federation, Karkala Taluka; Ujwala Women Federation, Brahmavara Taluka; Sharadi Women Federation, Udupi Taluka and Bhavana Women Federation, Kundapura-Byndoor Taluka. Sugamya District federation has organized training on Self-Employment in all the 05 Taluka Federations. Mrs. Mukta Shrinivas Bhat of Moodubettu, Kodavooru, Udupi Taluka was the resource person at all the 05 centers. Mrs. Mukta who herself a self-employed gave knowledge about self-employment, how to start self-employment through local available resources, the planning and execution to start self-employment, difficulties faced, opportunities available, support from government and various agencies etc. More than 500 women benefitted from this training.

Hosakirana Men’s Mahasangha (Local Federation) was inaugurated at Perampalli, Udupi.

Perampalli area of Shivalli Village of Udupi Taluka has already started 04 Men’s self-help group in their vicinity. On 17th December 2023 Sunday Hosakirana Men’s, Mahasangha, Perampalli, Shivalli village of Udupi Taluka was inaugurated by Fr Anil D’Souza, Parish Priest of Fathima Church Perampalli. He stressed the need to have unity of men’s self-help groups to achieve success in life and to develop the carriers of its members. The SAMPADA UDUPI Coordinator Mr. Stanly Fernandes explained the goals and objectives of the Mahasangha. Mr. Ronald Saldanha, President of Kural Farmer Producer Organization, Hiriyadka, Udupi Taluka gave awareness regarding the membership in FPO and the benefit they can get from FPO to increase their agriculture income. 42 members of 04 SHGs Jai SHG, Navajeevana SHG, Navachetana SHG and Jeeveanjyothi SHG were present.

Get-together of women SHG leaders organized by Matamaria Mahasangha, Kanajar.

Mata maria Mahasangha (local Federation) Kanajar, Karkala Taluka In collaboration with Rozar Mathe self-help group conducted a get-together in Church Premises Kanajar. Representatives from 13 Self-help groups who come under the Mahasangha were present. Their Spiritual Guide Fr Harold Pereira was present as chief guest. There were sharing of ideas, party games and campfire was organized. In total 46 members participated in the get-together.
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Training and formation of Gender Equality Motivating Team

Training and formation of Gender Equality Motivating Team was held at Alok Hall, Anugraha, Pastoral Centre, Kakkunje, Santhekatte, Udupi on Friday, 15th December 2023. SAMPADA UDUPI under its Women Empowerment Program supported by WEP Project, KROSS Bengaluru conducted this training session. Leaders from all walks of life, who were selected from the district attended this training session. Rev Sr. Nancy Lobo, Trainer, KROSS Bengaluru was the main resource person. During the session two teams were selected to impart the training in the district. North Team, which is for Brahmavara, Kundapura and Byndoor Talukas which consists of Mrs. Judith Mendonca, Mrs. Sharmila Baretto, Mrs. Marina Lewis and Mr. Vincent D’Souza. South Team for Udupi, Kapu, Karkala and Hebri Talukas, which consists of Mr. Prakash D’Souza, Mr. Jossie Pinto, Mrs. Naveena Mathias and Mrs. Jyothi DMello . Three topics were selected for training and imparting the Knowledge. They are: 1 Youth and gender equality: problems faced by them, degradation of value system. 2. Family and Gender equality: family values, family economics and social problems of the modern families. 3. Mass media, communication and gender equality. Next meeting cum training session was planned to be conducted on Thursday 15th February 2024.

Self Help Groups exists not only for their members but for the public proves Ullas Self Help Group,

On July 29th, 2021, during the Grama Sabha meeting, the Ullas Self Help Group together with the public of Janthra and Agolibail of Nandalike Grama Panchayath of Karkala Taluka submitted an application regarding various facilities including drinking water supply. After constant follow up and reminders, recently the people got drinking water supply. Recently Nandalike Panchayath Past-President Mr. Nithyananda Amin, present Vice-President Mr. Prasad Shetty inaugurated the drinking water supply project. During the ceremony including the guests, Ullas SHG members and the villagers were present.

Sugamya District Federation accepts a transgender as one among them and helped her with Rs 6,60,077.

Society looks at Transgender (Mangala Mukhi) with suspicious eye, and they were treated as somebody not accepted in the society. Sugamya District Women Federation, Udupi District and Catholic Sthree Sanghatan, Udupi diocese walked in an opposite direction and accepted Kavery Mary D’Souza one among them. He was accepted in their Self-Help groups where at present she is the President. The local Federation Samrudhi Mahasangha, Petre accepted as one of her members. Accepting a transgender in their fold is exceptional. When the found out the self-righteous Kavery Mary, which is an auto driver, had laid a foundation and started to construct a home ten years ago and now find difficult to complete her project collected an amount of Rs. 6,60,077, and donated it at her residence Petre, Brahmavara Taluka on Saturday, 25th November 2023. Fr Victor D’Souza, Parish Priest, St Peter’s Church Petre was present. In the leadership of Mrs. Gracy, Coelho the money was collected from nearly 400 self-Help groups, 51 local federations. Mrs. Jenet Barboza, founder President of Sugamya District Women Federation, Udupi District took great initiative to collect the funds. Mr. Roshan Belman, of HUMANITY Trust had already helped Kavery Mary to repay the loan of her Auto, has taken initiative to complete the house project with generous donors, had great plans to build a good future to Kavery Mary for her future life.

Health Camp at Gangolli on 21st November 2023.

Amrutha Mahasangha, Gangolli; Catholic Sthree Sanghatan, Gangolli, in collaboration with Health Commission of the Parish in the leadership of Immaculate Conception Parish, Gangolli, Kundapura Taluka conducted the health Camp in St Joseph Vas Hall, Gangolli. During the camp, Blood Pressure, diabetic check was done. Dental health chuck up was also done. Together with it Ayushman Health Card was linked with Aadhaar card of the person. Dr Niveditha General Physician and Dr Wathsala G Dental surgeon from Community Health Centre, Byndoor helped to do the health check-up. Asha worker helped to conduct the camp together with local nurses to have blood sugar and BP tests. 65 members of the local community utilized the benefit of the camp. 29 members registered for Ayushman card and linked their cards with Aadhaar Card. Fr Roshan Thomas D’Souza, Parish Priest guided and helped during the camp.

Health Camp at Kolalgiri on 19th November 2023

Health is the greatest gift, but the lifestyle diseases spoil not only our health but our happiness. SPARSHA- instilling hope is the project which gives awareness regarding lifestyle diseases. The local Federations of women in the villages in collaboration with other likeminded organizations, mainly the Health Commission of the Parish conduct these camps. Such a camp was held at Sacred Heart church, Kolalgiri, Brahmavara Taluka conducted a health camp by Jyothi Mahasangha, Kolalgiri in collaboration with Health commission of the parish and Catholic Sabha, Kolalgiri Unit. Doctors and Para-medical staff of Goretti Hospital, Santhekatte, Kallianpur helped to conduct the Camp. Blood Pressure, Diabetic test and ECG test were conducted. Camp was held on Sunday 19th November 2023. 58 people become aware of their health regarding the lifestyle diseases.
/media/sampadaudupi/yashaswini shg shirva 3.jpg

Children's Day celebrated in Mahasangha’s and Self-Help Groups

Children's Day is a global celebration dedicated to honoring and cherishing children, highlighting their importance in society, and promoting their well-being and rights. Different countries observe Children's Day on various dates, often associated with historical events or the birthday of a significant figure. One common theme across these celebrations is the recognition of children as the future and the need to nurture and protect their innocence. In India, we celebrate this day on 14th November, marking the birthday of Pandith Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, who had a deep affection towards Children. Children used to call him ‘Cha-cha Nehru’ or Uncle Nehru. John F Kennedy the former president of America used to say, “Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for future.” Great poet of our land Rabindranath Tagore used to say, “Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man”. “Children are like buds in a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are the future of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow” says Jawaharlal Nehru. Our Self-Help groups and the Mahasangha’s celebrate this great day with children of the vicinity. Shanthi Self Help Group of, Kemmannu and Yashaswini Self-Help group of Shirva are few of the Self-help group who celebrated the day in their groups, and Chetana Federation of Attur, Karkala celebrated in federation. Many Self-Help Groups and local Federations have celebrated this day. God bless all of them.

Pragathi Mahasangha/Sthree Sanghatan, Sastan unit celebrates Deepavali with Sathana Mahila Mandala,

Deepavali is the festival of lights, celebrated in our country, as a sign of chasing every kind of darkness and bringing rays of hope of a peaceful and united community. Sthree Sanghatan of Sasthan Unit/ Pragathi Mahasangha, Sasthan together with Sasthana Mahila Mandala, Pandeshwara celebrated Deepavali with great joy and happiness. It was celebration by the women for the women of the locality. Gram Panchayath President Mrs. Susheela Poojari was the chief guest for the celebrations. Fr Sunil D’Silva, Parish Priest of St Antony’s Church and Mr. Ivan Almeida, Secretary Parish council, Sasthan were the guest of honor. President of Sthree Sanghatan / Pragathi Mahila Sangha, Mrs. Cynthia D’Souza, Parish Convenor Mrs. Zeena Lewis, SAMPADA UDUPI coordinator Mrs. Judith D’Souza, Members of Sasthan Mahila Mandala and Sthree Sanghatan / Pragathi Mahila Sangha were present and shared the joy and happiness of Deepavali, together. After the messages from guests the members had fun time together with party games. ‘Arasina Kadubu’ (a delicacy prepared with turmeric leaves which is a special local dish, prepared during festivity) was distributed to all and everyone enjoyed it.

Ujwala Men’s Self Help Group, Kanajar celebrated their 02nd Anniversary by cleaning the check dam

Government projects are for citizens’ development. Citizens should take the responsibility to protect, save and maintain the facilities provided by the government, and then only the nation will develop. Ownership of the facilities provided is a positive attitude of the citizens to save and utilize the money they provide to the government through tax. Ujwala Men’s self-help group (SHG) of Kanajar celebrated their 02nd Anniversary in a unique way. The cleaned the wooden logs struck at the dam, which is located at Gundyaka Village of Karkala Taluka, built across Murgi rivulet. President of Ujwala SHG, and the secretary Mr. Valerian D’Souza took the leadership. SHG members spent quality time to clean the check dam. They had fun too after the work. Kanajar Mahasangha President Mr. Antony Miranda and the Samanwaya Jilla Vokkuta’s Treasurer Mr. Nelson Machado joined their hand. Fr Herald Pereira, Parish Priest of Lourdes Church, Kanajar was the inspiration behind this work. Hats-off to you to Ujwala Men’s SHG, Kanajar, for your beautiful way of celebrating the Anniversary.
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Cancer Awareness and Detection Camp at Miyar, Karkala Taluka

St Dominic Church, Miyar; Chaitanya Mahasangha, Miyar; Sthree Sanghatan, Miyar; Women Commission, Miyar and Health Commission Miyar in the leadership of Fr Paul Rego, Parish Priest Miyar and in collaboration with Indian Cancer Society Mangalore; Community Medicine Department, KMC Manipal and SAMPADA UDUPI Organized Cancer awareness and detection and Free Health Check-up camp at Parish Hall, St Dominic Church, Miyar, Karkala Taluka, on Saturday 11th November 2023. Mrs. Judith Shaila Lobo guided to conduct the camp. Dr Asif Ahmmad, Dr Vrunda Mohan, Dr Vaishna, Dr Sagar, Dr Priyanka and medical and paramedical team from Community Medicine Department KMC Manipal rendered their service. The team from Indian Cancer Society, Mangalore with the sponsorship of ‘Tectronics’, rendered their significant service at the camp. People from Miyar, Renjala, Mudar, Nallur and Durga villages benefitted from the camp. In total 111 members, out of which 06 men and 105 women received free medical service. 80 women had clinical breast Examination; i-breast examination of 10 women were done, out of which 02 women were suspected with Breast cancer referred for further treatment. Cervical cancer screening of 52 beneficiaries and 111 oral cancer screening were also done. Together with it Diabetic and Blood Pressure test were done of all the patients.
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08Th National Ayurveda day Celebrated at Petre, Brahmavara Taluka

Samrudhi Mahasangha, Petre, Brahmavara Taluka in collaboration with Ayush Department Udupi; Jilla Panchayath, Udupi and Ayush Arogya mattu Keshama Kendra, Karje jointly celebrated 08th National Ayurveda Day celebration at Parish Mini Hall, St Peter’s Church, Petre, Cherkady, Brahmavara Taluka on 12th November 2023. Fr Victor D’Souza parish Priest, St Peter’s Church, Petre presided over the program and gave awareness regarding Ayurveda and other types of medicine for good health. Mrs. Sunitha D’Souza, President Samrudhi Mahasangha, Petre welcomed the doctors and other dignitaries. Dr Prakash Nayak, Ayurveda Government Hospital, Karje and Dr Sudhakar D, Government Hospital, Kaup were the resource persons who share their knowledge.

Free Eye, Diabetes and BP Camp under SPARSHA Instilling Hope Program at Nejar.

SAMPADA UDUPI joined hand with Udupi District Health and Family Welfare Department, Blandness eradication Department, Prasad Netralaya, Udupi and other organizations to have a medical camp regarding eye test, free cataract surgery camp, Diabetes and Blood Pressure testing camp at Nejar, Kallianpura on 31st October 2023. 167 people benefitted from this free health camp.

Sampada Udupi Organizes Mega Cardiology Camp at Kemmannu

Sampada Udupi, the Udupi Diocesan wing of Socio-Economic Development organized a mega Cardiology Camp on Sunday, 29 October 2023 at St Theresa Church, Kemmannu. The Cardiology Camp was organized along with St Theresa Parish, Kemmannu, Cardiology Doorstep Foundation (CAD), Sthree Sanghatan, Kemmannu, Catholic Sabha, Kemmannu in collaboration with Rotary Club of Manipal Town, Rotary Club of Kallianpura, Earth Angels and Thonse Health Centre. Prior to the Cardiology Camp, 239 beneficiaries underwent ECG test on three days (On Thursday 26 October 89, on Friday, 27 October 80 and on Saturday, 28 October 70.) On Sunday, 29 October 2023, 198 beneficiaries registered for the Cardiology Camp. The Doctors present for the Cardiology Camp included: Dr Padbhanabha Kamath (Senior Consultant) Dr Niranjan from Shringeri, Dr Vikram P Shanbhog, Dr Shweta Prabhu, Dr Shreyas Kamath, Dr Pulak Jai Nisha, Dr George Alfred and Dr Karthik. The Cardiology Doorstep Foundation (CAD) donated a portable ECG machine to the Milagres Home for the Retired Priests of the Diocese of Udupi at Kallianpura during the cardiology Camp held on Sunday, 29 October 2023. The guests during the handing over the ECG machine were Most Rev Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo, Bishop of Udupi and Dr HS Ballal, Pro-Chancellor MAHE. Bishop Gerald Isaac Lobo expressed gratitude to the Cardiology Doorstep Foundation (CAD) for donating the portable ECG machine to the Milagres Home for the Retired Priests and its care to the retired priests. The CAD also donated a wheelchair During the Mega Cardiology Camp. Conducting the Cardiology Camp and later donating ECG machine, Dr Padmanabhan Kamath, Head of Cardiology Department, KMC, Ambedkar Circle, Mangalore said that he has observed during the camp that majority of the patients are diabetes, and they don’t feel seriousness of the sickness. He warned the camp beneficiaries to take care of the silent killer. He said that their organization has donated the ECG machine to protect the lives of the poor people in the villages. Dr HS Ballal, Pro Chancellor, MAHE. Manipal appreciated the service of Dr Padmanabhan and his team of doctors for visiting the villages and conducting the camps. He said that between life and death how you live is what it counts. He also said that the KMC helps poor and village people through health camps and Health Cards. Presiding over the programme Most Rev Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo, thanked the KMC for helping the faithful through Health Card. He said that nearly 13,000 families of the Diocese benefitted from them. He praised Dr Padmanabhan as God’s gift to the people of our land. He further said that heart ailments, cancer and diabetes are life threatening diseases in Udupi. He said Sampada Udupi through conducting camps and awareness sessions takes care of the health of poor and villagers irrespective of caste and creed. He thanked the CAD for donating the portable ECG machine and wheelchair to the Milagres Home where priests who have toiled their life for poor and needy. These will be beneficial for the retired priests. Fr. Philip Neri Aranha and Fr. Frederick Mascarenhas were present for the programme. Fr Reginald Pinto, Executive Director of Sampada Udupi welcomed the dignitaries. Mrs. Hilda Cornelio introduced Dr Padmanabhan Kamath; Mrs. Suzie Fernandes-President of the Sthree Sanghatan Kemmannu Unit proposed the vote of thanks. Mrs. Veronica Cornelio compeered the programme.
/media/sampadaudupi/Preparation for Camp.jpg

Preparation for the Mega Heart Camp is in full swing.

SAMPADA UDUPI together with St Theresa Parish, Kemmannu and Cardiology Doorstep Foundation organizing a Mega Heart Camp in collaboration with other Organizations on 29th October Sunday. As we expect nearly 700 people to attend, we had ECG tests of patients on 26th Thursday, 27th Friday and 28th Saturday at the venue. On the first day, yesterday that is on 26th 69 people had their ECG taken. Expert Cardiologist will check their ECG on Sunday October 29th. A good number of Nurses are helping us and lot of volunteers are helping in registration. 04 ECG machines are installed for the test.

Local Federation office-bearers visits to Self-help groups in Kanajar, Karkala Taluka

President of Matamaria Mahasangha (Local Federation) Ms. Margaret Lobo together with the Spiritual Director Fr Harold Pereira, animator and other office bearers visited the Self-help Groups coming under the local Federation. It was a courteous visit with a brief evaluation. The group visited Deepa SHG, RozarMathe SHG, Divya Jyothi SHG, Ashirwaad SHG, Lourdes Mate SHG, Navachetana SHG, Nanda Deepa SHG, Kanajar SHG, Ave Maria SHG, Nithyadar SHG, Nithyamathe SHG, Christa Jyothi SHG and Fatima SHG.
/media/sampadaudupi/Sanchana Shirva.jpg

Sanchana SHG Shirva, Kapu Taluka celebrates its Anniversary.

Humans remember their and their dear one’s birthday, as it is a special event in life. Some of our Self-Help Groups (SHGs) celebrate the formation day as anniversary in a grand way, through which they accept the fact that SHGs had a great impact in their life and in their group life. Recently Sanchana SHG of Shirva, Kapu Taluka celebrated the 09th Anniversary of the formation of their SHG, surely a proud moment for the members.

SAMPADA UDUPI Director Presented a paper at CARITAS INDIA National Conference

SAMPADA DIRECTOR Fr Reginald Pinto had an opportunity to present a paper at ‘Fraternity in Humanity: Walking Together’, the National Assembly (Conference) of the Diocesan Directors of Social Apostolate Under the leadership of CARITAS INDIA, which was held at Alphonsian Pastoral Institute, Pala, Kerala from 12th to 14th October 2023. On the First Day of the Assembly Most Rev Thomas Mar Koorilos, Archbishop of Tiruvalla presented the key input on ‘Christian charity at the heart of the Church’. As one of the four respondents Fr Reginald Pinto, shared his experiences, thoughts and ways of reflecting the spirit of Caritas at SAMPADA UDUPI in the past 10 years.

CARITAS INDIA National Conference attended by SAMPADA UDUPI Director

‘Fraternity in Humanity: Walking Together’, the National Assembly (Conference) of the Diocesan Directors of Social Apostolate Under the leadership of CARITAS INDIA was held at Alphonsian Pastoral Institute, Pala, Kerala from 12th to 14th October 2023. As a member of CARITAS INDIA fraternity, SAMPADA UDUPI Director Fr Reginald Pinto, attended the National Assembly. 173 Diocesan Directors of Social apostolates participated in it. The national Assembly 2023 aims to: - Redefine Partnership principles for strengthening our fraternal cooperation. – Bring forth a shared vision of integral human development. – Reflect on localization and promoting local leadership. – Introspect on the relevance of Key Strategic orientations in the network. 13 out of 14 Karnataka state level Directors of Social Apostolate were present in the National Assembly.
/media/sampadaudupi/Mother Threresa Women and Child rights (2).jpg

Mother Theresa Mahasangha of Ajekar, conducted women and child law information session.

SAMPADA UDUPI guided Mother Theresa Mahasangha, Ajekar of Karkala district conducted awareness program to its members on Women and Child laws and their implication. Renowned lawyer of Karkala Mrs. Maria Kotwal was the resource person. She explained the laws and the legalities of Women and Child laws and their implications. The participants raised their doubts, and she clarified their doubts with proper examples. 25 members of 07 self-help groups which come under Mother Theresa Mahasangha (Local federation) attended the awareness program. The program was conducted on 07th October 2023 at Sacred Heart Church premises.

Empowerment of Men Self Help Group members through continuous trainings

SAMPADA UDUPI after its success in empowering women through self-help groups, now as per the request from both men women (who want their husbands to be empowered socially) started Men’s Self-Help Groups. Already nearly 70 Men’s Self-Help Groups have been formed in the district. After formation of the SHGs, continuous trainings in various aspects like leadership in the SHGs; information about Local Governances; Panchayath Raj system and our participation; ways of helping each other in their income generating activities; availing various Government Schemes, etc. These trainings are conducted by our Coordinator and Animators. Sometime other local Resource Persons are also involved. By becoming aware of them, the men too are empowered, because of which the whole family become empowered.
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Active participation in the Nation Wide, ‘Swatch Bharath Abhiyaan’.

SAMPADA UDUPI guided Mahasangha’s (Local federations) and self-help groups actively participated in Nation building activity of ‘Swatch Bharath Abhiyaan’ on 02nd October 2023. As per the guidance and support given by SAMPADA UDUPI, neatly 25 self-help groups and more than 10 Local Federations (Mahasangha) organized cleanliness drive on 02nd October 2023. The planned their cleanliness drive during the monthly meeting and executed it in a meticulous way. First, they cleaned public places and later each of the members cleaned their surroundings of their houses and nearby roads, public places and drainages. SAMPADA UDUPI join hands with INDIA in all these activities.
/media/sampadaudupi/18sepccc6066c_68d8_4f8c_b003_d0222e2afc76 (2).jpg

Janani Mahasangha and Catholic Sthree Sanghatan of Mudarangadi celebrate inter communal Monthi Festh

SAMPADA UDUPI guided Janani Mahasangha, Mudarangadi and Catholic Sthree Sanghatan Kenha-Mudarangadi jointly celebrated Monthi Festh also known as the Feast of New Paddy on 17th September 2023. Advocate Namita Kumari, President of the Mudarangadi Grama Panchayat along with the dignitaries on the dais inaugurated the New Paddy Feast by pouring water to the paddy pot. Mrs. Sumangala Bhandary-President of the Pragathi Mahila Mandala, Mudarangadi and Mrs. Sujata Suvarna-President of the Billava Mahila Sanghatane wished well to the festivities. Mrs. Afreen Jaheed on behalf of the Roshani Muslim Self-Help Group, Mrs. Susheela-teacher in the Pernal Anganwaadi School were present on the dais. Fr. Frederick D’Souza-Parish Priest of St. Francs Xavier Church, Mudarangadi and Director of Janani Mahasangha presided over the program. In his message, Fr. Frederick D’Souza said that the feast of the nativity of Mother Mary has been celebrated as the feast of the new paddy and also as the day of the girl child. He further said that women play an important role in promoting the welfare of the family. Hence, we should respect them. We may belong to different religious groups, but we are all children of the same mother. The entire world is one family. When we realize this the feelings of love, tolerance and light of compassion emerges in our hearts. Presidents of Divya Jyothi, Preethi, Shanthi, Pramila, Keerthi, Divya Chetana, Mallige, Vishwas, Samrudhi and Jyothi Self Help Groups were present on the dais. President of the Janani Mahasangha, Mrs. Smitha D’Souza welcomed the gathering and Mrs. Celine Alwyn D’Souza proposed the vote of thanks. Mrs. Pramoda Mathais compeered the program. Later, vegetarian food prepared by the members using the fresh vegetables was served to all those who were present.
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The FIG (Farmer Interest Group) meeting of Kapu FPO was held.

Kapu Farmers Producer Organization is formed with the help of SAMPADA UDUPI, under its Raita Bazar: Agriculture and Organic Farming program. Continuously SAMPADA UDUPI supports in its activities. Fr Reginald Pinto, the Executive Director of SAMPADA UDUPI is the guide to Kapu FPO. Prior to its General Body meeting, KAPU FPO has organized a series of FIG meetings. SAMPADA UDUPI is taking leadership to conduct these meetings, so that the voices of the farmers are heard, their opinions are listed and they are actively involved in planning the future activities.

Celebration of family festivity in SHG level in the month of September

Throughout the District on 08th September during the festivity of the Birth of Our mother Mary, catholic families celebrated the family get-together with vegetarian meal. For our Self-Help Group (SHG) women, their SHGs are the extended family. During the monthly meeting of September majority of the SHGs, who consider SHG as their extended family celebrates the family festivity. In a similar way the Local Federations (Mahasangha’s) too have their festivity celebrations.
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Representatives of Caritas Prague visit SAMPA UDUPI’s Managing Trustee.

On 07th September 2023 Thursday, our guests from Caritas Prague, of Czech Republic visited Bishop of Udupi Diocese Most Rev Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo, who is the Managing Trustee of SAMPADA UDUPI at Bishop’s office, Udupi. Mr. Jaroslav Němec, Director of Caritas Prague; Mrs. Pavla Němcova, office bearer; Fr. Edward Walczyk, Spiritual guide of Caritas Prague; Mrs. Barbora Mullerova, Caritas Economus and Mr. Grace Mboizi, Caritas Prague director in Uganda were present. Fr Reginald Pinto, Executive Director, SAMPADA UDUPI and Sr. Veera Monis, in charge of Integrated Child Development Program (ICDP) coordinator was present during the meeting. Bishop honored the guests and had a lengthy discussion regarding ICDP program. The visit was cordial. Caritas Prague supports 151 students for their studies and integral Development.
/media/sampadaudupi/59e211c6-3880-4ce2-9528-c9eec22a3830 (2).jpg

Caritas Prague beneficiary children’s get-together at Karkala

On 06th September 2023, Wednesday a get-together program was organized for the 56 beneficiaries of ICDP program who are helped by Caritas Prague, for their education and integral development, at Church Hall, Christ the King church, Karkala. Mr. Jaroslav Němec, Director of Caritas Prague; Mrs. Pavla Němcova, office bearer; Fr. Edward Walczyk, Spiritual guide of Caritas Prague; Mrs. Barbora Mullerova, Caritas Economus and Mr. Grace Mboizi, Caritas Prague director in Uganda were the guest of honor. 56 beneficiaries from Karkala Taluka and their parents were present for this function. Various cultural programs were conducted by the children. Mr. Jaroslav spoke on behalf of Caritas Prague and the donors. He explained the expectations of the donors to the beneficiaries.

Representatives of Caritas Prague visit the houses of beneficiaries.

On 05th September 2023, Tuesday our donors from Caritas Prague, Mr. Jaroslav Němec, Director of Caritas Prague; Mrs. Pavla Němcova, office bearer; Fr. Edward Walczyk, Spiritual guide of Caritas Prague; Mrs. Barbora Mullerova, Caritas Economus and Mr. Grace Mboizi, Caritas Prague director in Uganda visited Child Sponsorship beneficiary's families at Kolalgiri, Brahmavara Taluka. They visited the families and spent valuable time there inquiring about the studies, family situation and future plan of the students. The guest from Pague had some village experience and they enjoyed the natural beauty.
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SAMPADA UDUPI KCWA Education Fund distribution 2023

SAMPADA UDUPI KCWA Education Fund distribution SAMPADA UDUPI KCWA Education Fund distribution function was held on Saturday, 29th July 2023 at Alok Mini Hall, Anugraha, Pastoral Centre, Kakkunje, Santhekatte at 3.30 PM. Rt. Rev Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo, Bishop of Udupi and the Managing Trustee of SAMPADA UDUPI presided over the function. Rev Msgr Ferdinand Gonsalves, Vicar General of Udupi Diocese and also Deputy Managing Trustee of SAMPADA UDUPI was the chief guest. Mr. Arun Jossy D’Souza, Vice President of KCWA; Mrs. Reena Wilma Pereira, General Secretary of KCWA; Mrs. Veena Serrao, Education Fund Coordinator of KCWA; Mr. Kevin Preetham D’Souza, Auditor KCWA; Mr. Alwyn Noronha, Ex Education Fund Coordinator of KCWA; Mrs. Mabel Andrade and Mr. Prakash Rego, nominated committee members of KCWA and Mrs. Jovita Fernandes, local representative of KCWA were the guest of honor. The beneficiaries led the payer. Fr Reginald Pinto Executive Director, SAMPADA UDUPI welcomed the gathering and also compeered the program. On behalf of SAMPADA UDUPI and the all the past and present beneficiaries KCWA organization was honored. Mrs. Veena Serrao, Education Fund Coordinator accepted the honor. In his thank you message Mr. Arun Jossy D’Souza, Vice president KCWA recalled the origin of KCWA organization and its purpose. He said past 40 years nearly six crores of help are rendered to the Dioceses of Udupi and Mangalore, mainly for the upliftment of needy and helping the deserving students to pursue their education and through which a bright carrier. Few of the KCWA members are officers, and in good job but majority are of small job working in Kuwait for the betterment of their families, and all contribute generously for this good cause of helping the needy. Because of Bishop Gerald’s request this revolving fund is started in 2017 in Udupi Diocese. He requested the beneficiaries to study well, pursue a good carrier and in later years help the deserving needy of their neighborhood. He thanked SAMPADA UDUPI for its work to maintain and distribute this Education Fund. Chief guest Rev Msgr Ferdinand Gonsalves profusely thanked KCWA and its members. He prayed that God would bless them hundredfold for their generosity. He advised the students to study well and build their carrier. He said at present it is your duty to achieve excellence in study and builds a carrier. He also advised the beneficiaries to pray for KCWA organization and its members. Mr. Stanley Fernandes the Coordinator of SAMPADA UDUPI thanked all.

Bone Density Test camps in different places.

Our Mahasangha (Local Federation) members in collaboration with Health Commission and other association conduct Bone Density test in different places. Dr Prakash Andrade of Udupi and his team do the test and before testing give awareness regarding bone density and why it is important to know about the bone density as people grow in age. He also gives necessary prescriptions and necessary help tips to each individual patient. On 06th July, Thursday on camp was held at Pamboor, Bantakal, Shirva village of Kapu taluk in collaborative leadership of Prakrati Federation. 89 people benefitted from it. The second camp was held on Friday, 07th July at Nakre, Kukkundoor village of Karkala Taluk in collaborative leadership of Kristajyothi Federation. 24 men and 98 women, totally 122 benefitted from it.

SHG members helping their brothers in cultivation work.

SAMPADA UDUPI has its Vision Statement: “A society with justice, peace and ecological harmony”. And based on it we carved our Mission Statement: “Facilitating the most marginalized and vulnerable communities to live with human dignity enjoy rights and entitlements through a process of inclusion, organization, empowerment, networking, advocacy and restoration of ecological order.” Based on it we have one of our objectives that ‘through cultivation of barren land, 125 men SHG members increase their income by 15% by 2025.’ This week in-between heavy down pouring of rain Karkala Taluk’s Hirgan villages SANDESHA Men SHGs members rendered their service in the field of Mr. Robert D’Souza preparing for cultivation of paddy. These men are really rendering their service to each other to cultivate paddy in their fields. We wish them all the best. May GOD bless them with plentiful yield of rice, is our prayer.
/media/sampadaudupi/New House.jpg

New House constructed, blessed and handed over to the needy family.

Mrs. Monica D’Souza of Paniyoor village of Kapu Taluka was our beneficiary. SAMPADA UDUPI in collaboration with St Vincent De Paul Society (SSVP), Central Council and St Vincent De Paul Society (SSVP) of Scared Heart Parish, Yermal Uchila took the lead for the needy family. Mrs. Monica D’Souza a widow and belong to economically backward class. We always believe that the family has to contribute to such projects, so Mrs. Monica applied for Basava Yojana of, Karnataka State Government, and the project was sanctioned to her. The remaining money was collected from donors by St Vincent De Paul Society, Central Council and St Vincent De Paul Society of Sacred Heart Parish, Yermal Uchila and by SAMPADA UDUPI. The new house was blessed by Rev Fr Joswey Fernandes, Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Parish, Yermal Uchila, and was handed over to the family. Members of both the SSVP organization and Neighbours had gathered for the celebrations.
/media/sampadaudupi/2 (2)_lT6ivSn.jpg

Formation of First local federation (Mahasangha) of Men’s Self-Help Groups at Piusnagar, Hangaluru,

On 26th May 2023 the First Mahasangha (local Federation) of Men’s Self Help Group was inaugurated at Piusnagar, Hangaluru Village, Kundapura Taluka. Surya Men’s Self Help Group, Prerana Men’s Self Help Group and Star Men’s Self Help Group joined together and formed this ‘Deepa Men’s Local Federation’, Piusnagar, Hangaluru, Kundapura Taluka. Mr Remi Fernandes from Surya Men’s Self Help Group was unanimously elected as the Founder President and Mr Ronald D’Souza from Prerana Men’s Self Help Group was elected as Founder Secretary. 13 representatives from three Men’s SHG were present for this event. Srushti Women’s Local Federation (Mahasangha), Piusnagar and its President Ms. Jenny D’Sa, Parish Pastoral Council Secretary Mrs. Reshma D’Souza and Laveena D’Souza, Designated President of Mahasangha and other women leaders took the initiative to form this men’s Local Federation.
/media/sampadaudupi/Photo 01.jpg

Through Organic Farming strengthen the livelihood of the farmers

SAMPADA UDUPI’s Goal 1 is ‘Facilitating the most marginalized and vulnerable communities’. In it the 02nd objective is ‘35% of the agriculturist families, by preserving soil and through organic farming increase 20% of their family income by 2025.” To fulfil this objective SAMPADA UDUPI has got very many programs as per the farmers of the concerned locality. On 17th May 34 farmers of Belman, Nandalike. Mundkoor, Mulladka and Bola villages of Karkala taluk met together at Belman. Their main agenda of meeting was starting to grow Organic vegetables and fruits in a\their land immediately, firth for their daily consumption and if they grow more then to market it locally. Fr Reginald Pinto the Executive Director was the main resource person. Mr Nelson Pais, from Mulladka shared his experience of growing and marketing organic vegetables and fruits. At the end the 26 participants agreed to form a WhatsApp group to share their input, discuss their problem and to grow together in organic farming by helping each other through personal interactions and visiting each other’s farms. Jnanodaya Mahasangha of Belman helped to organize the program.
/media/sampadaudupi/Certificate of achievement (3) (1).png

SAMPADA UDUPI is awarded by 1NGO for being digitally aware and active

1NGO, operating from J P Nagar, Bengaluru is for bridging the digital divide in social sector. 1NGO democratizes opportunities for NGOs by making them digitally discoverable. 1NGO focus sectors include education, empowerment, heath, disability, rural development and environment. SAMPADA UDUPI is guided by 1NGO for its digital visibility. Recently 1NGO had its ‘1NGO Digital Award’ and SAMPADA UDUPI received 2nd Runner of “1NGO Digital Award”. We are happy to inform you that together with the Certificate we received cash award too. Thank you 1NGO for making us Digitally Empowered.

Men Self Help group members help each other’s agriculture work at Hirgan, Karkala Taluka.

Our Mission Statement is “Facilitating the most marginalized and vulnerable communities to live with human dignity enjoy rights and entitlements through a process of inclusion, organization, empowerment, networking, advocacy and restoration of ecological order.” To achieve our mission, we have different goals. The second Goal’ is “Restoration of ecological order.” And to reach this goal our 04th Objective is “100 men’s Self-Help Groups; through cultivating their and neighborhood barren land, increase their annual income by 15% by 2025.” Sandesha Men’s Self-Help Group, Hirgan, Karkala taluk in the leadership of its president Mr. Michael Martis and Secretary Mr. Alwyn Lobo gathered together to help Mr. Melwyn D’Souza to collect the dry leaves and pile them in a heap. This is because dry leaves are needed in the cowshed to make natural bed to cows. When cow dung and cow urine are mixed it will become good manure for agriculture work. I congratulate all the members for their selfless service to help one of their members who is an agriculturist. ‘May their generation increase’.

Information Training drive on Sugamya Mahila Sauhardha Sahakari Niyamita at Kandlur, Kundapura Taluk

Sugamya Mahila Sauhardha Sahakari Niyamitha, Udupi is the dream project of Sugamya Mahila Jilla Vokkuta, Udupi (Sugamya Women District Federation, Udupi district). This is the unity of all women self-help groups formed by SAMPADA UDUPI. The Sauhardha Sahakari or the Cooperative Bank has started to function recently. Sampada Udupi Director together with Mrs. Pramila D’Sa, President of Sugamya Sauhardha Sahakari, is on a drive to collect potential shareholders, and inform them regarding the functioning of the Sauhardha Sahakari and its various scheme. The first training session was conducted in Kandlur a small village in Vandse Hobali of Kundapura Taluka. Mrs. Pramila D’Sa informed about the formation of the Sauhardha Sahakari. Mrs. Shalet D’Silva, President Bhavana Mahila Vokkuta, Kundapura-Byndoor Taluk was present. Mrs. Ratna President of Dayasagar Mahasangha, Kandlur welcomed everyone.

Karkala: Arpana Mahila Vokkuta Celebrates International Women’s Day

The Arpana Mahila Vokkuta of the Karkala Taluka, which is founded by SAMPADA UDUPI, celebrated the International Women’s Day on Monday, 13 March 2023 at Maria Goretti Community Hall, Hirgan. The stage programme was presided over by Mrs. Anita Dais-President of Sugamya Zilla Mahila Vokkuta of Udupi District. Mrs. Yashodha Shetty-President of Mahila Santwana Centre Karkala was the resource person. Chief guests included Fr. Paul Cutinha-Director of Arpana Mahila Vokkuta, Karkala Taluka, Fr. Paul Rego-Dean of Karkala Deanery, Fr, Walter Mendonca-Parish Priest of Maria Goretti Church, Hirgan, Mrs. Shahanaz - Suha Mahila Swa-sahaya Sangha, Miyar and Mrs. Asha Shetty-President of Sadhana Swa-sahaya Sangha, Bailur. The guests of honor included Mrs. Carmin Fernandes and Mrs. Maria Kothwal. Fr. Paul Rego inaugurated the proceedings of the International Women’s Day by lighting the lamp along with the dignitaries on the stage. On this occasion, the women achievers and senior citizens were felicitated. Prayer dance was presented by the women of Hirgan Parish. Mrs. Gracy Coelho-President of the Arpana Mahila Vokkuta welcomed the gathering. Secretary Mrs. Veena Fernandes proposed the vote of thanks. Mrs. Shanthi D’ Almeida and Mrs. Jacintha D’Silva compeered the programme.
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Training to Men’s SHG members at Karkala

On 26th February Sunday, SAMPADA UDUPI in collaboration with Samanvaya Men’s Self Help Groups District Federation has organized a get-together and training session for the Men’s SHG members of Karkala Taluka at Christ King Church Hall, Karkala Town. Rev Fr Paul Rego the Dean of Karkala Deanery was the chief guest. Mr. Alton Rebeiro, President of Samanvaya District Federation, Presided over the function. Other office bearers of District Federation were present. 56 self-help group members were present. Training was given by Fr Reginald Pinto, Executive Director, SAMPADA UDUPI. The purpose, rules of Men’s SHG was explained, and doubts raised by the participants were clarified.

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SAMPADA UDUPI office is shifted to the new premises at ANUGRAHA

SAMPADA UDUPI was started in the month of June 2013 as Udupi Diocesan Social Development Organization. Later in 2014 January, it started its office in a rented room at the Mother of Church campus, KM Marg, Udupi. In June 2014 it was registered as SAMPADA UDUPI trust. Since then, it was working from above mentioned office. SAMPADA UDUPI is an organization comes under Udupi Diocese. The Diocese has built its Pastoral Centre at Kakkunje, Santhekatte in the outskirts of Udupi city. So, we have moved to a spacious office at ANUGRAHA, Pastoral Centre, Kakkunje, Santhekatte Post on 22nd February 2023, Wednesday. Now you can visit us to our new premises. The new premise is on the eastern side of Ambagilu Santhekatte national highway on the way to Brahmavara to Udupi, opposite to LVT temple. On the eastern side of the road, you can see Renault showroom. Next to it there is a tar road, if you walk in it for 500 meters you will get ANUGRAHA, Pastoral Centre on its ground floor our office is located.

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Sampada Udupi and Rotary Club Manipal Observe International Cancer Day on 04th February 2023

International Cancer Day was celebrated by Sampada Udupi  in collaboration with Rotary Club Manipal Town on Saturday, 4 February 2023 at the Bishop’s House, Udupi. Smt. Hilda Carnelio. and Dr. Sridhar, the former president of the Rotary Club, Manipal Town were the guests of honour. 

 Dr. Sridhar in his speech created awareness about cancer among children. He informed how Rotary Club helps poor cancer patients to get treatment in the KMC Hospital, Manipal and how to avail these benefits. 

At the end Director Fr. Reginald Pinto, Director of Sampada Udupi addressed the audience and explained how the Sampada organization through Sparsha: Instilling Hope Programme takes care of Cancer patients.  Mr. Stanly Fernandes, Coordinator of Sparsha programme arranged the programme.

 Fifteen persons donated their hair for the cause of cancer. Collection boxes were distributed to the Animators so that they can have collection for the cause, throughout the month.


The First Board Meeting of Sugamya Mahila Sauhardha Sahakari on 02 February 2023

The first board meeting of Sugamya Mahila Sauhardha Sahakari Sangha Ltd, was held on 02nd February 2023, at Don Bosco Hall, Udupi Church Compound, Udupi at 3.00 PM. The President of Sauhardha Sahakari Mrs. Prameela D’Sa, Presided over the meeting. The other 10 Board members were present for the meeting. A large number of shareholders attended the meeting. During the meeting the Promoters handed over the ‘power’ to govern the Sauhardha Sahakari to the new elected team. During the meeting the By-laws were accepted, and other important formalities were done. Vice president Mrs. Gracy Coelho thanked everyone.


Bishop Gerald Lobo inaugurates Sugamya Mahila Sauhardha Sahakari Sangha promoted by SAMPADA UDUPI

The dream of Women Empowerment that had been in progress since the last ten years since the inception of the Diocese of Udupi was materialized when the All-women Bank “Sugamya Mahila  Sauhardha Sahakari Sangha(R)” was inaugurated on Thursday, 2 February 2023 at a function organized at 3.30 pm in the mother of Sorrows Church Hall, Udupi. The  Sugamya Mahila  Sauhardha Sahakari Sangha was formally inaugurated by Bishop Gerald Isaac Lobo by lighting the lamp along with other dignitaries on the dais including Rev. Fr. Charles Menezes-Parish Priest of the Mother of Sorrows Church and Dean of Udupi Deanery, Mr. Vijay B.S.-District Coordinator of Karnataka State Federation of Cooperatives, Mrs. Pramila D’Sa-President of Sugamya Mahila Sauhardha Sahakari Sangha, Mrs. Leena Roche- Founder President of Catholic Sthree Sanghatan, Udupi Diocese, Mrs. Janet Barboza- Founder President of  Sugamya Mahila Zilla Vokkuta, Udupi District, Mrs. Anita Dias-President President of  Sugamya Mahila Zilla Vokkuta, Mrs. Cynthia D’Silva-Secretary and Mrs. Veera Wilma D’Souza-Treasurer. Besides the members of the Board of Directors of Sugamya Mahila  Sauhardha Sahakari Sangha were present on the dais. 

 In his message following the formal inauguration of the Sugamya Mahila Sauhardha Sahakari Sangha, Bishop Gerald Isaac Lobo said that the dream of the last ten years since the establishment of the Diocese of Udupi became a reality with the formal inauguration of the bank that is by the women, of the women and for the women. With this one of the major aims in the direction of the empowerment of women in the district of Udupi has been realized. He further said that the empowerment of women in the social, economic, political and cultural fields were the initial goals of the women’s organizations beginning from the ward level self-help groups rising to the parish level, deanery level and eventually diocesan or district level organizations. Women were encouraged to participate in ward and Grama sabhas and also to participate in the electoral process and become members of the Grama panchayats. One of the chief objectives of the women empowerment was the establishment of a bank entirely managed by women for the economic empowerment of women. Though the work had started in right earnest and the bank should have started by 2020, due to Covid 19 pandemic the process slowed down. However, it fructified on this day. Bishop Gerald Isaac Lobo greatly appreciated the hard work that was put in by the Director of Sampada, Rev. Fr. Reginald Pinto who gathered all the information required for starting a cooperative bank. He even met the government officials and made a deep study of the entire process and guided the women in all matters related to the cooperative banking system. Bishop Gerald Isaac Lobo also appreciated the contribution of Mrs. Leena Roche and Mrs. Janet Barboza in promoting the women’s organizations.

Rev. Fr. Charles Menezes in his address complimented the women for starting the cooperative bank and said that it is easy to start an organization but difficult to sustain unless supported whole heartedly by all members. He hoped that all the women members of the Sugamya Mahila Sauhardha Sahakari Sangha would work hard for the success of the bank and avail the benefits that the bank would provide to them and their families.

 The guest of honour Mr. Vijay B.S. in his speech quoting Mahatma Gandhi said that the village that has empowered women would be progressive. He complemented the women for starting their own Sugamya Mahila Sauhardha Sahakari Sangha. He said that out of three such women’s Sahakari banks two have been inactive especially working in the rural areas. He hoped that Sugamya Mahila Sauhardha Sahakari Sangha would achieve success due to the overwhelming participation of women. He advised the Board of Directors of Sugamya Mahila Sauhardha Sahakari Sangha to open as many branches as possible through the Udupi District and become example to others.

 Mrs. Leena Roche and Mrs. Janet Barboza jointly inaugurated the logo of the Sugamya Mahila Sauhardha Sahakari Sangha.

 Mrs. Leena Roche started her address by singing ‘vovyo’ appropriate for the occasion as the audience responded. Later, Mrs. Leena Roche narrated the origin of the Catholic Sthree Sanghatan in the Udupi Diocese and its progress under the patronage of Bishop Gerald Isaac Lobo. She said that the first Catholic Sthree Sanghatan in Udupi was established on 11 May 2012. With the establishment of the new Diocese of Udupi on 15 October 2012, the Catholic Sthree Sanghatan was strengthened by the new Bishop of Udupi Most Rev. Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo.

 Mrs. Janet Barboza explained the meaning of the logo of the Sugamya Mahila Sauhardha Sahakari Sangha and greatly appreciated its significance. She narrated the efforts taken by her and other women leaders in building the women’s organization from the grass root level right from the ward level self-help groups up to the Zilla Vokkuta of which she became the founder president. She recalled how Rev. Fr. Reginald Pinto pursued the dream of organizing the women and stood by them, guided them and encouraged them to get organized constantly keeping in touch with them and monitoring their progress.

Mrs. Pramila D’Sa-President of the Sugamya Mahila Sauhardha Sahakari Sangha in her presidential address made an appeal to the members of the Sugamya Mahila Sauhardha Sahakari Sangha to be active and avail the benefits that they will be getting from the cooperative bank. She expressed gratitude to Bishop Gerald Isaac Lobo for encouraging the women to start their own bank, Rev. Fr. Reginald Pinto for all his background work for starting the Sugamya Mahila Sauhardha Sahakari Sangha, Mr. Stanley Fernandes-Coordinator in Sampada for his assistance and all the women members for their trust and support.

 Women of Shirva Deanery presented the prayer song. Mrs. Anita Dais welcomed the guests. Mrs. Cynthia D’Silva proposed the vote of thanks and Mrs. Rita Misquith compeered the programme.  

/media/sampadaudupi/Kanajar Check dam 1_MRnq5rJ.jpg

A check dam on the First Anniversary of Men Self Help Group at Kanajar, Karkala

Prakrati Men’s Self-Help Group, Kanajar, Karkala Taluka celebrated its First Anniversary in a unique way. Its name denotes ‘Nature’, so on their first anniversary on Sunday, 08th January 2023, the members gathered together to celebrate its anniversary. After the group meeting Mr. Stanley Fernandes, Coordinator, SAMPADA UDUPI, explained how we can save the nature. Soon after the talk all the members joined hand in hand to build a check dam to a small rivulet in the property of its member Mr. Ronald Nazareth. President of the Prakrati Men’s SHG Mr. James D’Souza and Mr. Secretary Mr. Edwin Mendonca took the leadership. Members from neighboring Men’s SHGs, that is Akruthi Men SHG and Ujwala Men SHG joined to the work. It was an exemplary celebration of the First Anniversary of Prakrati Men’s SHG. SAMPADA UDUPI congratulates the effort and innovative way of celebration, by protecting the Mother Earth.

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Christmas sweets preparation by women for Kapu FPO and for their Self-help groups.

During the month of December, every Catholic woman of Konkan Karavali districts, are busy preparing Christmas sweets, locally know as 'KUSWAAR'. These delicacies are prepared only during Christmas festivities. After the formation of Self-help groups (SHGs), women come together and prepare them in bulk, mainly for their family consumption and for the purpose of sale. They make use of quality ingredients, so that health of the consumers is taken care of. This year Kapu FPO also joined their members to prepare 'kuswaar', so that they can earn some income to their Company. SAMPADA UDUPI support these community activities, which are income generating also.
/media/sampadaudupi/Belman (2).jpg

Rural agricultural classes conducted in Golikatte, Nandalike, Karkala Taluka

On 16th December 2022, Friday, in the leadership of our organizations, Jeevan Jyothi Self-Help Group, Nandalike and in collaboration with Karkala Agriculture Department, a one day ‘on field agricultural training’ was held at Mrs. Dulcine Menezes’s house, Golikatte, Nandalike. 19 farmers availed the training regarding Jasmine cultivation, Jeevamratha organic nutrition preparation to increase the agricultural productivity. Mr. Jaya Kulal, Irvattur a prominent and modern agriculturist and Mrs. Chaitra, Technical Advisor Atma Nirbhar Yojana, Agriculture Department, Karkala were the resource persons.

Moodubelle women farmers will market their products by themselves, in collaboration with Kapu FPO.

Nisarga Mahasangha also known as Catholic Sthree Sanghatan, Moodubelle unit came together in the Parish Hall, St Lawrence Church, Moodubelle to discuss about marketing their agriculture and other by products on 11th December 2022. The concept was supported generously by their Parish Priest, Rev Fr George D'Souza. He has set apart two shops in the church campus, for this purpose, so that women can sell their products. Kapu FPO in later days will take the leadership for marketing the products. The project will be inaugurated on Saturday, 17th December 2022. Fr Reginald Pinto, Executive Director SAMPADA UDUPI, took the leadership of this project, which will help the small and medium women farmers.
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Training of trainee seminar on women leadership in Christian perspective on 08th December 2022.

The Training of Trainees seminar on Women leadership in Christian perspective was held on 08th December 2022 in the Conference Hall, Bishop's House, Udupi. It was organized by SAMPADA UDUPI in collaboration with Sthree Sanghatan, Diocesan women commission and Sugamya women district federation, Udupi district. Representative of 05 taluka federation were present. Each taluka federation selected 05 leaders who are the able communicators, who in turn go to Maha Sanghas to train the grass root level members. The target set was 50 trainings at Maha Sanghas to reach a target population of 5,000 women, by February 2023. Fr Reginald Pinto, the Executive Director was the trainee. The topics covered were Leadership, 10 types of leaderships, who is a Christian leader and his qualities, problems faced by a leader, etc. Later the notes were circulated to the participants

/media/sampadaudupi/Board meet 7 (2).jpg

SAMPADA UDUPI, Board meeting on 09th December 2022

The 28th board meeting, 04th of the year 2022 was held on Friday 09th December at Conference Hall, Bishop's House Udupi. During the meeting past quarters accounts were evaluated and 04th quarter Budget was passed. Last quarters project activities were evaluated. Holidays for the calendar year 2023 sanctioned. During the meeting the members honored one of our board member Mrs. Jenet Barboza, who was awarded as "Outstanding women leader of the nation" by Women Commission of CCBI, Conference of Catholic Bishops of India. The award was confirmed at Lucknow on the first week of October. As one of its Trustee, V. Rev Fr Valerian Mendonca, celebrate his birthday on the same day, he too was honored, and birthday cake was cut. Bishop Rt Rev Dr Gerard Isaac Lobo, the Managing Truste, praised the service of SAMPADA UDUPI to the marginalized and needy people of the district of Udupi.

/media/sampadaudupi/4 (2)_f00eYyn.jpg

Rural agricultural classes conducted in Belman, Karkala Taluka

Recently in the leadership of our organizations, Jeevan Jyothi A. Self Help Group, Belman and in collaboration with Karkala Agriculture Department, a one day ‘on field agricultural training’ was help at Mrs. Lilly D’Souza’s house, Golikatte, Nandalike. 35 farmers availed the training to increase the agricultural productivity, by increasing the fertility of the soil and received knowledge about improving yield in the kitchen garden. The training was rendered by Mr. Anatha Prabhu, technical trainer of Agriculture Department and by Mrs. Chaitra, Technical Advisor Atma Nirbhar Yojana, Agriculture Department, Karkala. Sampada Udupi Coordinator Mr. Stanley Fernandes, Nandalike Grama Panchayat members Kumari Yashodha and Mrs. Sujatha were also present.  

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KCWA Beneficiaries get-together and Motivation Program on 04th December 2022

KCWA Beneficiaries get-together and Motivation Program was held on 04th December 2022 at Bishop’s house Udupi. SAMPADA UDUPI’s Executive Director Fr Reginald Pinto, offered the Holy Eucharist. Later the youth trainer and renowned resource person, Mr. Derrick Mascarenhas, Assistant Principal, Dr TMA Pai Polytechnic, Manipal conducted the training session. He spoke about the Professional skills to a successful carrier. He made the training session interesting through various games. 25 KCWA Education Fund beneficiaries attended the program. Mr. Stanley Fernandes and Ms. Janet Fernandes, the SAMPADA UDUPI staff helped for the success of the program.

/media/sampadaudupi/01 (2)_JVjd0l6.jpg

Cancer Detection and awareness camp at Karkala Town, Karkala Taluka

SAMPADA UDUPI organized cancer awareness and detection camp under its SPARSH –Instilling Hope Program at Christ King Hall, Christ King Parish campus, Karkala Town, Karkala Taluk on 02nd December 2022, in collaboration with Indian Cancer Society, Mangalore Unit; Community Medicine Department, KMC Hospital, Manipal; Catholic Sthrie Sanghatan, Karkala Town unit; Nithyajeeva Mahasangha, Karkala Town; and Health Commission, Karkala Town Parish.  Fr Clement Mascarenhas, Parish Priest, Christ the King Church, Karkala Town inaugurated the camp. Dr Shreeka Prakas; Dr Kunal Agarwal; Dr. Sanjana Ahuja; Dr Niyati Jain; Dr Suraksha S. Dr. Susheera M; and the team in the from Community Medicine Department, KMC Hospital, Manipal treated the patient. India Cancer Society took the lead of the camp. 74 women and 04men, in total 74 people were tested regarding various cancer symptoms. 58 Pap test and 65 breast cancer tests were also conducted.

/media/sampadaudupi/06 (2).jpg

Cancer Detection and awareness camp at Trasi, Kundapura Taluka

SAMPADA UDUPI organized cancer awareness and detection camp under its SPARSH –Instilling Hope Program at Millennium Hall, Christ King Parish, Trasi, Kundapura Taluk on 17th November 2022, in collaboration with Cancer Society of India, Mangalore Unit; Community Medicine Department, KMC Hospital, Manipal; Catholic Shtree Sanghatan, Trasi unit; Spoorthi Mahasangha, Trasi, Catholic Sabha, Trasi and Health Commission, Thottam Parish.  Fr Rosario Fernandes, Parish Priest, Christ King Church, Trasi inaugurated the camp. Dr Sana Afshan; Dr Diwakar Baweja; Dr. Nikhila Appala; Dr Liliane T; Dr Rohit Menon and the team from Community Medicine Department, KMC Hospital, Manipal treated the patient. India Cancer Society took the lead of the camp. 58 women and 20 men, in total 78 people were tested regarding various cancer symptoms. 44 Pap test and 58 breast cancer tests were also conducted.

/media/sampadaudupi/Mudarangady Children's Day.jpg

Celebration of Children’s Day by Self Help Groups and Local Federations

SAMPADA UDUPI formed Self Help Groups (Swa Sahaya Sangha) and Local Federations (Mahasangha) for the self-development of women and for the development of the locality where they live. Each and every activity they conduct usually fulfils these objectives. On 14th November 2022 many Self-Help Groups and Local Federations celebrated Children’s Day in their locality and made the children happy and through which convinced the children that they are loved by the society and society respect them as future leaders. Conducting fun games, enjoying with them through dance, skits, jokes etc., and distributing prized and gifts made the children their day memorable

/media/sampadaudupi/1 (2)_FbW37YI.jpg

Sewing Machine distribution as part of Women Empowerment Program

SAMPADA UDUPI organized Sewing Machine Distribution Program on Friday, 28th October 2022 at Ave Maria Hall, Mother of Sorrows Church Campus, Udupi. The Managing Trustee of SAMPADA UDUPI and the Bishop of Diocese of Udupi Most Rev Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo presided over the function. The donor of 25 sewing machines Rev Msgr. Leslie Shenoy, Mangalore a philanthropist was the Guest of Honour. Rev Msgr. Leslie Shenoy in remembrance of his 75th Birthday has donated 75 sewing machines to the deserving women of Mangalore and Udupi Dioceses. SAMPADA UDUPI selected the deserving beneficiaries who were from Byndoor to Miyar. Bishop honored Rev Msgr. Leslie Shenoy on his Birthday on behalf of the organization. During the function only the guarantee and warrantee cards were distributed. The sewing machines have been reached to the beneficiaries to the respective places, already.

/media/sampadaudupi/2 (2)_nqDN5rL.jpg

Interreligious meeting by Karkala Taluka Federation

SAMPADA UDUPI guided Arpana Taluka Mahila Vokkuta, Karkala in collaboration with Jamath Islam Hind, Karkala organized ‘Sneha Koota’, an interreligious get-together to know and understand principles and teachings of Islam at Jamia Shadhi Mahal, Salmara, Karkala on Friday, 21st October 2022. Mr. K P Muhammad Isaak presided over the get-together. Rev Fr Paul Rego, Miyar; Dr Shekar Ajekar and Mr. Sushanth Sudhakar were the guest of honor. This event was organized to strengthen the unity of each and every Indian citizen that by knowing and understanding each other’s religion we can feel proud of our religion and respect the faith of other people with dignity.


SAMPADA UDUPI led Samanvaya-Udupi District Federation of Men’s Self-Help Groups Inaugurated

Samanvaya-Udupi District Federation of Men’s Self-Help Groups Inaugurated

Most Rev. Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo inaugurated the first ever Udupi District Federation of Men’s Self-Help Groups on Sunday, 16 October 2022 in the Mother of Sorrows Church Hall, Udupi by unveiling the Logo of the federation and lighting the lamp formally inaugurating the Federation. Fr. Reginald Pinto-Director of SAMPADA UDUPI along with the office bearers of the Federation were present on the dais along with Bishop Gerald Isaac Lobo. Speaking further, Bishop Gerald Isaac Lobo said that the establishment of the Udupi District Federation of Men’s Self-Help Groups is also the first of its kind in India. He complemented the men of different parishes who have come together to form the Self-Help Groups that would foster a sense of belonging and support to each other. Stanley Fernandes, the Co-ordinator of Sampada introduced the Office bearers of the Udupi District Federation of Men’s Self-Help Groups. The President of the Udupi District Federation of Men’s Self-Help Group, Alton Rebeiro of Gangolli Parish welcomed the gathering; Vice President Naveen Fernandes of Kalmady Parish proposed the vote of thanks; and Secretary Edwin Mendonca of Kanajar Parish compeered the programme. Treasurer Nelson Machado of Kanajar and directors of the Federation were present on the dais.

/media/sampadaudupi/2 (3).jpg

SPARSHA Cancer awareness and Detection camp conducted at Thottam

SAMPADA UDUPI organized cancer awareness and detection camp under its SPARSH –Instilling Hope Program at St Ann’s Parish, Thottam on 13th October 2022, in collaboration with Cancer Society of India, Mangalore Unit; Community Medicine Department, KMC Hospital, Manipal; Catholic Sthree Sanghatan, Thottam unit; Sanjeevini Mahasangha, Thottam and Health Commission, Thottam Parish. Fr Roshan Menezes, OFM Cap inaugurated the camp. Dr Suma Balakrishna and her team from Community Medicine Department, KMC Hospital, Manipal treated the patient. Mrs. Shaila Lobo of India Cancer Society took the lead of the camp. 67 women and 07 men, in total 74 people were tested regarding various cancer symptoms. Pap test and breast cancer test was also conducted.


‘Comprehensive Management of Coconut Cultivation’ seminar at Udyavara

‘SAMPADA UDUPI’ in collaboration with Horticulture Department, Jilla Panchayat Udupi, Social Development Commission, St Francis Xavier Parish, Udyavara, Udupi District conducted ‘Comprehensive Management of Coconut Cultivation’ seminar at St Francis Xavier Church Hall Udyavara on Tuesday 11th October 2022. Rev. Fr Stany B. Lobo, Parish Priest inaugurated and presided over the Seminar. Mr. Gerald Pereira, coordinator of Social Development Commission, St Francis Xavier Parish, Udyavara. Mr. L. Hemanthkumar, Director Horticulture Department, Jilla Panchayat Udupi was present. Mr. Stanley Fernandes, coordinator SAMPAPADA UDUPI, introduced the seminar topic. Dr Sachin scientist and Dr Sanjeeva Jakhatimata, Assistant Professor from Krishi Vijnana Kendra, Brahmavara were the resource persons. 74 farmers participated in the seminar. 

/media/sampadaudupi/WhatsApp Image 2022-10-13 at 9.31.13 AM.jpeg

Our Women Empowerment Program was awarded in National level at Lucknow, UP

SAMPADA UDUPI's first and foremost activity is Women Empowerment. From 06th to 11th October, CCBI Women Commission's 4th National Conference was held at Lucknow, UP. During the Award Ceremony Mrs. Janet Severine Barboza of Mudarangadi, the Founder President of Sugamya Mahila Jilla Vokkuta, Udupi District was awarded 'National Special Women Award' for her contribution towards women empowerment. She was one among the two, and the second woman was from Darjeeling, West Bengal. Our Udupi District Mahila Jilla Vokkuta, also known as Sthree Sanghatan OR Women Commission, Udupi Diocese was awarded first best Women Commission in the national level (1st among the 4). This award received by Vokkuta president Mrs. Anitha Dias hailing from Mount Rosary Parish, Santhekatte. Mrs. Irene Pereira from Udyavara was awarded Best women of Karnataka Region. She was one among 16 women leaders honored national level.

/media/sampadaudupi/Byndoor Camp Cover photo.jpg

SPARSHA Cancer awareness and detection cam at Byndoor

SAMPADA UDUPI organized cancer awareness and detection camp under its SPARSH –Instilling Hope Program at Wellness Centre, Yojananagar, Byndoor on 28th September 2022, in collaboration with Cancer Society of India, Mangalore Unit; Community Medicine Department, KMC Hospital, Manipal; Community Health Centre (NCD Division), Byndoor; Catholic Sthree Sanhghatan, Byndoor unit; Aradhana Mahasangha, Byndoor; Inner wheel Club, Byndoor. Mrs Shaila Lobo of India Cancer Society took the lead. 82 women and men were tested regarding various cancer symptoms. 82 Oral screening; 75 clinical breast examination conducted. 48 Pap smear taken during the camp.

/media/sampadaudupi/Kapu FPO inaguration 3.jpg

Raita Bazar: Kapu FPO Inauguration and Annual General Body Meeting

The Kaup Farmers’ Produce Company (Ltd.) started by SAMPADA UDUPI in collaboration with Atal Incubation Centre, Nitte and managed entirely by women creating history in the ‘Women Empowerment’ movement was inaugurated in a well-attended function in the Saude Sabha Bhavan, Shirva-Manchakal on Monday, 26 September 2022 at 3pm. The inaugural function was presided over by Lalaji R. Mendon-MLA of Kaup Constituency. Other dignitaries on the dais included: Dr. A.P. Achar-Chief Executive Officer of Atal Incubation Centre, Nitte, Kempegowda H.-Joint Director, Agricultural Department, Udupi District, Mrs. Bhuvaneshwari- Deputy Director of Horticulture Department, Udupi District, Mohan Raj- Assistant Director of Agriculture-Kaup Taluk, Ratan Shetty-President 0f Shirva Grama Panchayat, Fr. Reginald Pinto-Executive Director of SAMPADA UDUPI and also the Technical Advisor of Kapu FPO, Mrs. Lily D’Souza-President of Kaup Farmers Produce Company, Shirva, Ms. Peralvita Mathias-Chief Executive Officer of Kaup Farmers Produce Company and nine Directors. After inaugural function First General Body Meeting was held. Share certificates were distributed to the shareholders. Government officials from Agriculture Department symbolically handed over a cheque of Rs 15 lakh, equity grant given to Kapu FPO to start its business ventures. More than 700 shareholders out of one thousand shareholders attended the inaugural function and General Body meeting.


Cancer awareness and Detection camp at Belman

SAMPADA UDUPI conducted cancer awareness and detection camp under its SPARSH –Instilling Hope Program at St Joseph’s Church, Belman on 20th September 2022, in collaboration with Cancer Society of India, Mangalore Unit; Community Medicine Department, KMC Hospital, Manipal; Catholic Shtree Sanhghatan, Belman unit; Jnanodaya Mahasangha, Belman; Health Commission, Belman and Catholic Sabha, Belman unit. Dr Shreya Srivastav, Dr Anna Sunny, Dr Saughata Goswami and Dr Varshna Shankar treated the patient. Mrs Shaila Lobo of India Cancer Society took the lead. 74 women and 29 men were tested regarding various cancer symptoms. Pap test was also conducted.

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Raita bazar - Training to farmers on organic farming

On 09th September 2022, in the guidance of SAMPADA UDUPI, and in the collaboration Agriculture Department, Karkala, Jasmine women Self Help Group, Ittimary (Kelmbet), Belman village conducted one day practical training on ‘Organic farming’ and ‘preparation of Jeevamratha’ at the residence of agriculturist Mr. Alex Cardoza, Ittimary. Mr. Ramesh Ullakaddi, and Mrs. Chaitra from Agriculture Department, Karkala and Mrs. Jayakumar Irvattur, a model organic farmer was the resource person. 31 agriculturists benefitted from this practical training session.

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Training on Coconut Farming

‘SAMPADA UDUPI’ in collaboration with Horticulture Department, Jilla Panchayat Udupi conducted ‘Comprehensive Management of Coconut Cultivation’ seminar at St Theresa Church Hall Kemmannu on Wednesday 24th August 2022. Fr Reginald Pinto, Executive Director inaugurated the Seminar. Mr. Arun Fernandes, vice President Kemmannu Panchayat presided over the function. Fr Victor D’Souza, Parish Priest St Theresa Parish, Kemmannu blessed the program. Mrs. Kamala PDO was the guest of honour. Mr L. Hemanthkumar, Director Horticulture Department, Jilla Panchayat Udupi in his welcome speech introduced the seminar topic. Dr Sachin and Dr Ashwini, scientists from Sasya Samrakshana Krishi Kendra, Brahmavara were the resource persons. 85 farmers participated in the seminar. Not only the knowledge sharing but field visit and practical training were imparted to the participants. Social development Commission of St Theresa Parish, Kemmannu and Kural FPO, Udupi District helped to conduct the program.

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SPARSHA , Health for everyone. Campaign for ABHA Card

Through Government India’s Ayushman Bharath Digital Mission, the Central Government want to create Indian Digital Health System. So each individual should have ABHA (Ayushman Bharath Health Account), which is key to every citizen’s digital health care journey. In various places of the District, under ‘SPARSHA’ Instilling Hope program we have made it as a drive that all our SHG members should posses ABHA card. Recently at Mother Theresa Mahasangha, Ajekar had information sharing session. Community Health Officer Mrs. Raveena Crasta shared all necessary information to our SHG leaders and members.

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Sugamya Sauhardha Sahakari Limited, Bank first meeting

Sugamya District women Federation, Udupi district is the mother organization of all our women SHGs. We have started SHGs at neighborhood level, and then we united the SHGs of a village under the banner of Mahasangha (Local Federation). The Mahasangha’s of a Taluka were united under the banner of Taluka Women Federation. Finally we have united all five Taluka Federation under the banner, ‘Sugamya District Women federation, Udupi District’ which was started three years ago. Now Sugamya district federation want to have its own financial institution for the financial needs of its members. After a spade work for few months, yesterday, on 08th August 2022, the office bearers of District Federation and Taluka Federations had a meeting at the Conference Hall, Bishop’s House, Udupi, to start the work to apply for Sauhardha Cooperative Limited and to start legal proceedings. The selected 15 Pravarthakas (Originators’) and among them selected a leader, Mrs. Prameela D’Sa, Piusnagar, Kundapura to be the contact person with the government officials on behalf of the proposed Sauhardha Sahakari. SAMPADA UDUPI’s Executive Director moderated and guided the proceedings of the meeting.

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SPARSHA Instilling Hope - Health for everyone campaign

SAMPADA UDUPI wants its beneficiaries should be healthy and happy. Animators with proper guidance from the organization give awareness to our SHG leaders and members to have health check-up camps in their vicinity, which will be beneficial to the rural poor and needy families. Namratha and Kanthi SHGs, Belman’s leaders and members, in collaboration with SAMPADA UDUPI, and with the full support of District Health and family Welfare Department, Udupi District, and Community Health Centre, Nitte organized ‘Blood Pressure (BP) and Diabetes Inspection Camp’ at Indaar, Belman Village, Karkala Taluka. At the beginning of the camp, doctors from Nitte CHC briefed about, both the lifestyle diseases, how to prevent it and if a person is already a patient then how to manage it. SAMPADA is grateful to Nitte CHC staff, and our SHG leaders and members.

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SPARSHA Cancer detection and Information Camp

SAMPADA UDUPI under its SPARSHA Cancer awareness program, with the help of Department of Community Medicine, KMC Manipal and Indian Cancer Society, Mangalore in collaboration with Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Parish, Gangolli; Amritha Mahasangha, Gangolli; Catholic Sthree Sanghatan, Gangolli conducted 'Cancer Detection & Awareness Camp', today Tuesday 26th July 2022 at St Joseph Vaz hall, Gangolli. 70 people benefitted from the camp, 56 Pap test, 58 Mammography and oral check up was conducted.

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KCWA Education Fund distribution

On 16th July 2022, on the joyous occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Udupi Diocese Installation Day, SAMPADA UDUPI organized KCWA (Kuwait Canara welfare Association) Education Fund distribution program at the Conference Hall, Bishop's House, Udupi. Prior to the program Mr. Derrick Mascarenhas, Vice-principle Dr.TMA Pai Polytechnic, Manipal and a well-known youth trainer conducted motivational training session. During the Program Rt. Rev Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo, Bishop of Udupi and the managing Trustee presided over the function. Mr. Arun Jossy D'Souza, Auditor KCWA was the chief guest and Mr. Derick Mascarenhas was the guest of honor. 11 students received a aid of Rs. 4,08,405/= for their studies. Executive Director conducted the program. Beneficiaries and their parents attended the training session and the program.

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KCWA Office-bearers visit to SAMPADA UDUPI

The office-bearers of Kuwait Canara Welfare Association, Kuwait who have started KCWA Education Fund in SAMPADA UDUPI, Visited SAMPADA on 11th July 2022. The personally met Bishop Rt. Rev Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo, the Managing Trustee and presented him their souvenir of latest celebration. Later Mr. Arun Jossy D'Souza, Perampalli the organization's Auditor, Mr. Naveen Mascarenhas, Bujpe and Mr. Manoj Stephen Rego, Udupi both the Nominated members of executive committee of KCWA visit the SAMPADA office. Executive Director handed them over the Annual Report and Strategic Plan of SAMPADA. The had gone through the documents of the beneficiaries. Executive Director explained them the modus operandi of the KCWA Education Fund. It was a cordial visit.

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Sampada Udupi Board Meeting

The twenty sixth Board Meeting (second of the calendar year 2022 & first of Accounting year 2022-23) of SAMPADA UDUPI organization was held on Tuesday 28th June 2022. Annual Account for the year 2021-22 was tabled and it was discussed and was approved by the members. Brief annual activity report too was presented and the members suggested few corrections. Last quarters accounts and next quarters budget was also tabled, members approved them. Last quarters activity report was also presented, members gave their valuable suggestions to implement future planned activities. Managing Trustee Rt. Rev. Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo, chaired the meeting.


Training on Multipurpose Sauharda Cooperative Ltd.

On Monday, 27th June 2022 a information sharing and theme based seminar on establishing a 'Multipurpose Sauhardha Cooperative Ltd' was conducted to the leaders of Sugamya District Women Federation. 60 women participated. Fr. Roshan Clifford Pinto, Director SMSSS Shivamogga and CEO of Stheeebhandu Multipurpose Sauhardha Cooperative Ltd; Mr. Devdaan, Manager Stheeebhandu co-op Ltd were the resource persons. Mrs. Precilla Martis, President Stheeebhandu co-op Ltd and Ms. Jyothi Furtado, member Stheeebhandu co-op Ltd were present. It was a fruitful session, and the leaders of Sugamya District Federation sketched a future action plan to start a Multipurpose Sauhardha Cooperative Ltd.

/media/sampadaudupi/Men Fed 01.jpg

District Federation of Men SHGs

Sampada Udupi is always finding new means to cater the needs of the people of Udupi District. To empower, unite and develop men unitedly it started Men's Self Help Groups. On Sunday 19th June 2022, representatives of nearly 50 men's SHG office bearers joined together and formed 'Men's SHGs District Federation, Udupi District at Don Bosco Hall, Udupi. The following are it's office bearers: President - Mr. Alton Rebeiro, Gangolli. Vice-president - Mr. Naveen Fernandes, Kalmady. Secretary - Mr. Edwin Mendonca, Kanajar. Treasurer - Mr. Nelson Machado, Kanajar. Board members: Mr. John Stany Mendonca, Belman; Mr. Stany Menezes, Kalmady & Mr. Vincent George DSouza, Mount Rosary. The General Body selected it's goals and objectives. Mr. Stanley Fernandes Coordinator, Sampada Udupi planned the meeting, and Fr Reginald Pinto, Executive Director, Sampada Udupi conducted the meeting.


World Environment Day Celebration

World Environment Day was celebrated on Sunday 05th June 2022, throughout the District in the leadership of SAMPADA UDUPI. We have conducted a competition for our Self Help Groups and its members, to protect, nurture and develop the nature. Near 1,500 SHG members and their family members actively participated in various activities. Activities they conducted were planting the saplings, cleaning the road side from weeds, creation of vegetable garden in school campus together with school children, collecting plastic from public places and private compound, cleaning rain water flowing ways, etc. Executive Director Fr. Reginald, Animators and SAMPADA volunteers took the leadership to guide the people to conduct the activities.


Laudato si: Environment friendly family

On Saturday 28th May, 2022 during the prize distribution ceremony of 'Laudato si: save the mother earth' , year long competition, which was held at Don Bosco Hall, Udupi, Mr. Arun D'Silva family was awarded 'Laudato si: Environment friendly family', in Kannada language 'Laudato si: Parisara Mithra Kutumbha'. Mr Arun D'Silva is a farmer, more than that friend, protector and premotor of the environment. He is hailing from Sanoor Village of Karkala Taluka. His mother Mrs. Benedicta D'Silva, wife Mrs. Shilpa D'Silva and kids Shawn D'Silva and Shainal D'Silva are a great support to Mr. Arun's activities. The whole family including the tiny toddlers work to protect, promote and save the environment. the Managing Trustee Rt rev Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo, together with Executive Director Fr Reginald Pinto, Fr Royson Fernandes, Editor 'Uzwaad" fortnightly and V. Rev. Fr Paul Rego, Vicar foreign , Karkala deanery were present.

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Laudato si: Save mother earth: Book release

A book on save the environment, named 'Amcho Gamv Bhumivoikuntt Koream' (Let us make our land Garden of Eden), collection of 13 article on protection of environment with practical tips, to the people of costal Karnataka was released, on Saturday 28th May, 2022 during the prize distribution ceremony of 'Laudato si: save the mother earth' , year long competition, which was held at Don Bosco Hall, Udupi. Rt Rev Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo the Managing Trustee of SAMPADA UDUPI released the book, 'Uzwaad" publication published this book. It was written in Konkani language. Fr Reginald Pinto, Executive Director, SAMPADA UDUPI is the author of the book. 

/media/sampadaudupi/First Prize.JPG

Laudato si: save mother earth. Prize distribution

On Saturday 28th May, 2022 prize distribution ceremony of 'Laudato si: save the mother earth' , year long competition, was held at Don Bosco Hall, Udupi. Each month a topic was introduced to the competitors, like rain water harvesting; say no to plastic; take care of birds and animals; renewable energy; save water & electricity , grow your own vegetables etc. Competitors were given various tasks, and most successful participants those who implemented activities to save the mother earth were given prizes. First prize was bagged by Jyothi Self Help Group, Paththonjikatte, Karkala Town. Second prize was won by Chaitanya Mahasangha (local Federation) Miyar, Karkala Taluka. Rt Rev Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo the Managing Trustee presided over the function, Fr Royson Fernandes , Editor 'Uzwaad" fortnightly was the guest of honor.


Capacity building of staff: Self Help Group's mapping.

On 16th May 2022, the SAMPADA UDUPI field staffs, during their monthly training session, practiced what they have learnt in their Capacity Building session. They did the ‘SHG mapping’ in line with village mapping. The Executive Director led the session and evaluated the performance of each staff. The staff decided to do the 'SHG mapping' of each Self Help Groups (SHGs) within a time frame, by which they will know in depth the local Federation resources.

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AGM of Sugamya District Women Federation, Udupi District.

The Annual General body Meeting of Sugamya District Women Federation was held on Friday 13th May 2022 at Don Bosco Hall, Udupi. President Mrs. Anitha Dias presided over the meeting. Bishop of Udupi Rt. Rev Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo was the guest of honor and Fr. Reginald Pinto, Executive Director, SAMPADA UDUPI was the guest. Mrs. Pricilla Alva Secretary presented the Annual Report and Mrs. Flavia Dsouza, Treasurer presented the Annual Accounts. 18 women achievers were honored. These were selected among the members for their contribution to the community and mainly to women empowerment.

/media/sampadaudupi/Capcity Building Traing.jpg

Staff Capacity Building Training

Staff Capacity building training was conducted in Shivamogga Multipurpose Social Service Society (SMSSS), Shivamogga in collaboration with SMSSS, Shivamogga on 02nd and 03rd May, 2022. Seven of our field staff attended the training session. Rev Fr Francis Paulrai, Indian Social Institute (ISI), Bengaluru was the main resource person. Fr Roshan Clifford Pinto, Director SMSSS, Shivamogga coordinated the training sessions. The topics covered were: Social analysis; Village mapping; Value based leadership; organizing unorganized youth and Right to Information Act 2005. This training will improve the quality of the work of our staff, in the field.

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Udupi (Kunja) FPO Director's Election

In collaboration with Nitte Incubation Centre, Nitte, SAMPADA UDUPI is pramoting small and medium farmers to unite and be the members of Farmer Producer Organization (FPO). The farmer group leaders of Mooduthonse, Paduthonse, Shivalli, Kelarlalabettu and Puttur villages of Udupi Taluk came together on 29th April, 2022 at SAMPADA UDUPI and elected three directors for Kunja FPO, Udupi. Mr Baptist Dias, Mr Arun Fernandes and Mrs Jyothi DSouza were elected as Directors. Mr Sanjeev Naik from Nitte organization and Mr Prasanna Kumar, Main Director of Kunja FPO, Udupi were present. Fr Reginald Pinto, Executive Director of SAMPADA UDUPI conducted the election procedure.

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SPARSHA: Cancer awareness and detection Program at Barkur

Cancer awareness and detection camp under 'Sparsh' program was conducted in Barkur St Peter's Parish Hall on Thursday 28th April 2022. The camp was conducted in collaboration of Indian Cancer Society and Community Development Department. KMC Manipal with the help of Sthee Sanghatan, Barkur unit; Catholic Sabha, Barkur unit and Health Commission, Barkur Parish. Rev Fr Philip Neri Aranha, Parish Priest, St Peter's Church, Barkur inaugurated the camp. Dr Gahan, Dr. Ratna and Dr. Ashish were the main physicians. Mrs Judith Shaila Lobo of Indian Cancer Society, Mangalore Zone was present. 100 people of Barkur, Kachur, Hanehalli, Sastan and Kumragod villages benefited from this camp.

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Achiever whom we recognize.

Mrs. Monica Danthy, hailing from Padebettu, Kuthpady Village, Udupi Taluk. Hails from an agriculture family, and as usual the financial situation of her family was hand to mouth. As a traditional agriculturists, they had buffalos to plough and a small agriculture land to cultivate. She lived with her husband who is an auto driver, two children and elderly mother in law. Six years ago when Self Help Group was started in her area, as a poor women she joined it hoping it will help her to come out of her family’s financial mess. After joining the Pavithra SHG, Kuthpady, through the guidance of the Animators, she became aware of various Government Departments. She started to visit the departments and find out various schemes available, and how to apply and avail them. Then as days passed, she availed loan in her Pavithra SHG for purchase of cows. She sold the buffalos and now she is hiring tractor for ploughing. At present she has 8 cows and a poultry for local bread chicken. At present, daily she sells nearly 35 liters of milk and weekly a few local bread chicken. Now she earns well from agriculture and vegetable cultivation. She saves regularly for her children’s education at post office. She is repaying the loan availed to purchase cows from the SHG, without fail. Now Mrs. Monica has regular income and has a plan for the future of her family. Her husband and children who help her, are happy and proud of her achievements. She has been honored by Sangama Sanskratika Vedika on this year’s Women’s Day Celebration. Now Mrs. Monica is a model for our women for family economic stability.

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Inauguration of Laudato si; Feed the thirsty animals and birds Program:

During the Board Meeting of SAMPADA UDUPI Trust on Friday, 25th March 2022, the Managing Trustee Rt Rev Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo, by handing over earthen vessels to Trustees and Board members, symbolically inaugurated the Laudato si; Feed the thirsty animals and Birds Program. The Executive Director said nearly 100 such earthen vessels will be distributed to the people who will be willing to take care of the small animals and birds of their area in the district. They have to place the vessels in a shady places and daily maintain them, by which the birds and small animals can drink water and quench their thirst during hot summer.

Cancer Awareness Program at Nakre, Karkala Taluka

On the occasion of International Women’s Day Celebration, Christajyothi Federation of Nakre, Kukkundor village, Karkala organized Cancer and Life Style Diseases awareness program in the Church Hall on 08th March 2022. 56 women and few men leaders were present. Dr Pratiksha C. Shetty, Medical Officer of Kukkundor Primary Health Centre, Kukkundor, Karkala was the resource person. She in her talk enlightened women regarding their health issues while aging; the life style diseases and the causes for it; cancer and how women be aware of it. She gave lot of health tips, symptoms of various sicknesses and when and how to approach the PHC and the other concerned doctors. She patiently clarified all the doubts. Women were of the opinion that the session was informative and helpful.
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Women’s Day celebration by Sauharda Mahasangha, Barkur.

Women’s Day was celebrated by Sauharda Mahasangha, Barkur. Earlier women has thanksgiving mass at St Peter’s Church, Barkur. Later gathered at ‘Sauharda Hall’ for the get-together. Fr Philip Neri Aranha, Parish Priest presided over the function. Fr Reginald Pinto, SAMPADA UDUPI was the resource person. Mr Harold D’Souza PPC Vice-President and Ms Vivet Lewis, Secretary PPC were the guests of honour. President of the Organization Shaila Dsouza welcomed the dignitaries, Ms Saritha Dias read the Annual Activities Report. Ms Irene D’Souza compered the program. During his talk Fr Reginald spoke about various government schemes available to women, how to increase family finance, and passed basic information regarding FPO formation. Near 150 women gathered for this celebration.
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Sparsha – Cancer Awareness Program at Shankarapura

On 06th March 2022, during ‘Women’s Day Celebration’, Mallige Mahasangha (Grass root Federation) Shankarapura, Kapu taluka organized health awareness and Sparsha – Cancer awareness program to the women. Dr Shiny Christabel, Medical Officer, Primary Health Centre, Mudabettu, Achchada, Kapu Taluka Udupi district was the Resource Person. She explained about Menopause and related problems, obesity and related problems, Cancer awareness and healthy life style. He also patiently answered all the quarries of women. Nearly 125 women participated. SAMPADA in collaboration with Mallige Mahasangha, Shankarapura organized the program
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Raita Bazar - Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) information sharing at Barkur

Around 75 farmers from the villages of Moodahadu, Kachur, Barkur, Hanehalli and Nagarmat gather in the church premises on 06th March 2022, to receive basic information about Farmer Producer Organization. Fr Reginald Pinto, Executive Director, SAMPADA UDUPI gave them basic information, clarified their doubts, encouraged them to start a new FPO and distributed them the application forms to be the members of FPO. The villagers were from Kota Hobali of Kundapura taluka. The villages were interested in establish new FPO. They were mostly coconut and paddy growers. Vegetable cultivation is too a way to earn daily bread. Mr Harold D’Souza the Vice President of Parish Pastoral Council, St Peter Church, Barkur and prominent political and social leaders were present.
/media/sampadaudupi/Belman FPO drive 02.jpg

‘Raita Bazar’: Registration drive for Farmer Producer Organization (FPO)

On Monday, 28th February 2022, we conducted this activity at Nandalike and Belman Villages of Karkala Taluka and Mudarangady village of Kapu Taluka of Udupi District. The registration was done for two FPO’s that is for Kapu FPO and Nitte FPO. Activity was conducted in four centres of Nandalike and Belman villages of Karkala Taluka and Mudarangady village of Kapu Taluka. Two field workers and the Executive Director was present from SAMPADA UDUPI. The targeted beneficiaries were the farmers of Nandalike, Belman and Mudarangady villages. 85 farmers registered themselves as members to Nitte FPO and 10 farmers registered themselves as members of Kapu FPO. 32 Men and 82 women farmers were given awareness regarding the benefit they can avail by becoming members of an FPO. Ms Lilly D’Souza, the Chairman of Kapu FPO; Ms Pearlvita Mathias CEO of Kapu FPO, Mr Ashok, representative of Nitte FPO were present to do the formalities..

New Office-bearers of Sugamya Jilla Mahila Vokkuta, Udupi District

The new office bearers of Sugamya Jilla Mahila Vokkuta, Udupi Jille (Sugamya District Women Federation, Udupi District) were elected on Thursday, 10th February 2022. They are: President: Mrs Anitha Dias, Santhekatte, Kallianpura; Vice-president: Celine D’Souza, Ajekar; Secretary Mrs Cynthia D’Silva, Manipal; Joint Secretary Mrs Agnes Barboza, Shirva; Treasurer: Mrs Veera D’Souza, Kelmbet-Bola and ‘Mothiyaa’ magazine Editor: Mrs Vinita D’Mello, Karkala Town. It was decided to start Women Cooperative Bank immediately. The in-charge of this project was given to Mrs Prameela D’Sa, Piusnagar and Mrs Shanthi Suares of Padukone and Mrs Precilla Alva of Kalmady were elected as members of Women Cooperative Bank establishment committee. The president and office bearers of Arpana Taluka Federation, Karkala; Ujwala Taluka federation, Brahmavara, Bhaavana Taluka Federation, Kundapura-Byndoor; Inchara Taluka Federation, Kapu and Sharadhi Taluka Federation, Udupi were present.
/media/sampadaudupi/Activity 02.jpg

Information regarding schemes available in Grama Panchayath

SAMPADA UDUPI in collaboration with Ave Maria Mahasangha, Milagress, Kallianpura, organized Various Schemes available in Grama Panchayath program at Milagress Hall on Monday, 24th January 2022. Nearly 45 villagers of Moodutonse village were present. Ms Yogitha, Panchayath Development Officer (PDO) of Moodutonse village was the resource person. She explained about the current available schemes in Panchayath under MGMREGA. She also explained the procedure to avail these schemes. She responded to every queries of the participants. She also explained about the renovated Library of the Panchayath and requested the villagers mainly the youth of the village to make use of the library. The president of Ave Maria Mahasangha Mrs Marina Lewis, took the leadership to organize this program.

Sustainable Livelihood Enhancement Project.

As per the understanding, livelihood enhancement of family means, to build up the capacity and capability of the family and to make its living dignified with access to all amenities both in present and in future. As it happened to whole of India in post COVID situation, same repeated in Udupi District. People working in the cities lost their jobs; who had petty business their income is reduces drastically; later untimely and access of rain and other related natural calamities hampered agriculture production to small and medium farmers. SAMPADA UDUPI has conceptualized the above ‘Sustainable Livelihood Enhancement Project’ for our people. To get the pulse of the people and to plan with them, the Executive Director, currently meeting the people in their villages. Till today he has visited 11 villages and met 569 people. Planning to visit still 39 more villages and to visit at least 2,500 people by the end of mid-February.
/media/sampadaudupi/a38c2c8f-4ef0-474c-baef-284d6ac3dfc2 (2).jpg

Christmas celebrations in Self Help Groups

From the inceptions of Self Help Groups (SHGs), seven years ago; our women celebrate the joy of Christmas in their SHGs by themselves or together with their families. Some time they prepare ‘Kuswar’ (traditional sweets prepared only during Christmas) together or in their families. Then during Christmas season (from 20th of December till 07th of January) they Celebrate Christmas in their SHGs. Each member bring the Kuswar prepared by them, in an appointed place, prepare a crib, sing Christmas Carrols, have some games, fun and celebrate the Birth of Jesus in a grand way. Here is a picture depicting the Christmas celebration by Amrutha SHG of Shankarapura, Kapu Taluka. This activity bring peace and reconciliation in the group and also it increase the unity and also the virtue of sharing in-between the members. SAMPADA UDUPI promotes these activities and our Animators represent the organization during the celebrations.
/media/sampadaudupi/ac838a8b-b3e3-419b-882d-890d0758b228 (2).jpg

Cancer Awareness and Detection camp at Katapadi

On Friday, 10th December 2021, in collaboration with Community Development Department, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal; Cancer Society of India Mangalore Division; Adarsha Mahasangha, Katapadi, Sampada Udupi conducted its ‘Sparsha’ Cancer Awareness and Detection camp at St Vincent De Paul Church premises, Katapadi, Udupi District. 58 men and women benefited from this camp. Awareness regarding cancer was given and at the same time various tests were conducted. The address and contact details of the patients were collected and Cancer Society of India will be in touch with the positive cases and have the follow up. SAMPADA UDUPI too will help financially, the identified patients for the medical treatment.
/media/sampadaudupi/ef621785-a430-4f5d-95b2-a2ca8efe4abd (3).jpg

‘Laudato si’- save mother earth: Construction of a small check dam in city limits of Karkala, Udupi

‘Laudato si’ – save mother earth is the competition conducted by SAMPADA UDUPI to create awareness to save the ecology of Udupi District. Each month we give a theme with proper explanations on the topic, so that the competitors can understand the topic and implement it in their homes and neighbourhood. In the month of November the theme was ‘Constructing small check dam (Katta) to the rivulet’. To our surprise Jyothi Self Help Group of Karkala town implemented this project in Karkala town vicinity. They build a check dam, ‘Katta’ in a small scale to a small rivulet flowing near the property of one of its members. It is really a proud moment to the members and we congratulate them.
/media/sampadaudupi/20211120182616_IMG_0477 (2).JPG


“ENCIENDE LA LLAMA 2021” (LIGHT UP THE FLAME) took place on Saturday, 2021 November 13th from 8 p.m. (GMT+1). Our women who were earlier the beneficiaries of MANOS UNIDAS’s ‘Empowerment of women in Udupi District’, participated whole heartedly in this event. Some women lighted lamps with their family members, others with their friends and participated in this activity with their partners around world, as a shining trace of solidarity, where the light of each lighted candle will become a personal commitment in the fight against poverty.
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Constitution Day celebration and local Federation office-bearers meet

On Friday, 26th November 2021 ‘Constitution Day Celebration’ and local federation members meeting and ‘Planning 2022 Annual Program’ was at Conference Hall Bishops House Udupi. Representatives of local federations, 05 Taluk Federation and one District federation were gathered. Sampada Udupi Executive Director conducted the oath to follow and abide by our constitution. Managing Trustee Rt. rev Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo, Bishop of Udupi was present. The women then chocked down plan for the year 2022 for local federations, 05 taluk federation and one district federation. District federation president Mrs Prameela D’Sa presided over the session.

SPARSHA Instilling hope: Cancer Project Hair Donation

Dhyan Rohish, s/o Rohish Kumar a resident of Brahmgiri , Udupi and 7th standard student of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Udupi. During COVID time, while his schooling was online and Dhyan had to stay at home. While he was growing in age, and intelligence his hair too grow with same enthusiasm. Now while going back to normal schooling, Dhyan left behind his 14 inch long hair, and gave it to the cause of cancer on 08th November 2021. SAMPADA UDUPI through its ‘Sparsha - Instilling Hope’ program take care of the cancer patients, received this token of love from Dhyan in the name of cancer patients. God bless you Dhyan for your generosity and congratulations to his proud dad Mr Rohish Kumar.

SPARSHA Instilling hope: Cancer Project Hair Donation

Mr Suveera Rao from Doddanagudde, Udupi. An energetic young man, too care of his hair for two year as a precious belonging. But when he decided to part with his precious hair, he didn’t want to waste it. He approached SAMPADA UDUPI and donated it for the cause of cancer. Under SAPARSH- Instilling hope program, SAMPADA received it with grateful heart and appreciated his donation with a certificate. This is the first instance where a YOUNG MAN donating his hair for the cause of cancer. If you want to donate your hair for the cause of cancer, contact SAMPADA UDUPI.
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Raita Bazar - ‘Raita Bazar’: Agriculture & Organic farming. New CBOs

The main aim of the 'Raita Bazar' project is’ by 2025, 1200 small and medium farmers, through organic farming and by cooperative activities increase their family income by 50%.’ First step in this project is convince these farmers to be united in neighbourhood CBOs or Community based organizations. Till now throughout the district we have formed 24 such groups with a membership of around 300 farmers and people who work in agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry. Recently, last fortnight we had training session s in Kanajar and Belman areas of Karkala taluka, and the outcome is

‘Girl Child Day 2021-Education for Every Girl Child’

Our New Project - ‘Girl Child Day 2021-Education for Every Girl Child’. Our First Beneficiary. Riyan Divya Lewis, from the Milagress Parish, Kallianpura is studying BSC Nursing at Fr. Müllers’ Nursing College, Mangalore. Her father works as a watchman in a private firm and mother is a housewife. She has a sister who is presently studying in the 10th Std. Riyan Divya Lewis got interest free loan from a NGO. Her ambition is to complete her BSc nursing course and try to go abroad, get a good job and help her sister and parents. As she has to take loan in every year for four years until she completes her course, the amount she received from the NGO would ease her burden of loan. She is grateful to SAMPADA UDUPI for selecting as the beneficiary for this program
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Women Empowerment Program

1. The present women association has to be capacitated to raise the issues of women. 2. Women have to tap Government resources. 3. Lack of strong leadership among women. 4.Do not have control over the resources and decisions making process in the family. 5. Increasing rate of suicide among women and teenage girls. 6. Heavy dowry. 7. political empowerment is lacking. 8. not aware of women rights

Hair Donation Drive - extension of 'Sparsha" cancer program

As a part of the International Women’s Day celebration, SAMPDA UDUPI, organized 'Hair Donation Drive' for providing wigs to women who are cancer victims. Dr Sony D’Costa gave an awareness session on cancer to the 150 participants who gathered for this program. As many as 27 volunteers donated their hair among them 7 were school children
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Cancer awareness, detection and medical help.

289 people benefitted from 3 cancer detection camps conducted by ‘Sparsha’–cancer awareness, detection and helping program
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Honouring the contestant and winners in the grama panchayath elections

Women empowerment comprises of economic, social and political upliftment of the women in the society. Since 2018 training in leadership and political awareness was given By SAMPADA UDUPI to encourage women to participate in local governance. Women were made aware about the need to participate in the various activities in local governance from the grass root level such as grama Sabha and in ward meetings. Later they were encouraged to participate in the electoral politics in the village level. Those who got elected will be in Administrative positions. Those who did not get elected can still try to become members of various local village panchayath committees and make their contributions constructively. As a result of the training given by SAMPADA UDUPI around 100 women members from various Self Help Groups participated in the Grama Panchayath elections in 2020. To honour these participants who have showed interest in local governance and further encourage them and other women this ac
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Women Empowerment Program

To achieve Women empowerment, we started formation of women SHGs. We started with 226 SHGs in 2014 with 3236 members. At present we have 450 Self Help Groups, 50 local grass root level federations, 5 taluka Vokkuta’s & one District Federation in Udupi District. Total savings through SHG is Rs. 3,56,30,580 from 6767 members. 6414 women are benefitted by various government schemes of Minority Dept, Agriculture Dept and Horticulture dept. and have started Jasmine garden, Dairy farming, Honey bee rearing, cultivation of vegetables, fruits and medicainal plants, tailoring, catering, canteen and other business on their own. 98 women contested in Grama Panchayath elections, 43 won and became grama panchayath members.1567 women participated in 35 training programs on Human rights. 2382 took part in 49 trainings on women rights conducted during 2018 and 2019. Articles about Awareness of health and Local traditional medicine are published. Kitchen garden, fruit gardens and medicinal plant grow
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Through ‘Suraksha’ program 150 families introduced to eco-friendly stoves, created awareness on health & sanitization in 2,798 women at 50 centers, 50 youngsters trained to become ‘Environments Preserving Ambassadors’. 402 training camps conducted on ecology, and 20 articles on save earth are published since 2015. Total 16,297 saplings planted to create green ecology since 2017. 9244 pits dug for rain water harvesting, built 25 check dams to rivulets, 61 tube wells and 1583 open wells recharged to increase ground water level. 6916 vegetable gardens, 6549 fruit garden and 6489 medicinal gardens grown through savayava Krishi since 2015.